CSGO: Asian Development League kicks off

The first "test" season of a professional CSGO league in Asia is under way with the start of the inaugural Asian Development League.

The online tournament, organised by Douyu and Vision Studio, will feature teams including EHOME, Flash Gaming and Tyloo.

The total prize pool is about $25,000 with qualifiers beginning on October 15th ahead of the finals on November 19th.

Asian Development League format

October 15th to October 23rd Сlosed Qualifier: GSL format for eight teams of two two groups, 10 best-of-three (BO3) matches. First and second from each two group will advance to main stage.
October 24th to November 14th Main stage: Round Robin, 66 BO3 matches. Four teams will advance to Final Stage.
November 18th and 19th Final Stage: Four teams, double-elimination format, six BO3 matches.

Asian Development League teams


Closed qualifiers

  • BTRG
  • NEW4
  • Recca Esports
  • Signature Gaming
  • Storm Rider
  • TNC Pro Team

**Invited teams **

(Joining at Main Stage)


  • 5Power
  • B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape
  • Beyond Esports
  • CyberZen
  • Flash Gaming
  • GOSU
  • SZ Absolute
  • TyLoo

CSGO in China

The formation of the Asian Development League is another step forward for CSGO in Asia and China in particular, where the game is still to gain a foothold.

It is telling that the inaugural season is being referred to as a "test" - highlighting this as a tentative step forward with few Asian parties really willing to commit to CS without testing the water first.

The potential is obviously clear, with a huge esports audience and player base and it will be interesting to see how the ADL fares. There will be fingers crossed - not least in the offices of publisher Valve - that the first ADL proves a success.

Asian Development League live streams

Asian Development League CSGO live streams are available in Chinese and Russian.