CS Summit 2018: Beyond The Summit 3 dates, talent and prize pool

CS Summit 2018 dates have finally been announced after the third instalment of the event was delayed.

Beyond The Summit's third Counter-Strike tournament was originally scheduled for October 11th to 14th but a clash with StarSeries & iLeague forced a rethink.

The new CS Summit 2018 dates have now been set and the event will take place from November 1st to November 4th.

CS Summit 3 teams

  • G2
  • BIG
  • NRG
  • Ghost
  • Heroic
  • CompLexity
  • OpTic
  • Kinguin

The prize pool is $150,000 with best-of-three (BO3), double-elimination play-offs ahead of a BO5 final. The team progressing from the upper bracket will have a one-map advantage in the final.

As with previous events, CS Summit 2018 will be held at Summit House in Los Angeles, US.

CS Summit 2018 talent

Broadcast talent at CS Summit 2018 will be:

  • stunna (Tres Saranthus)
  • n0thing (Jordan Gilbert)
  • Thorin (Duncan Shields)
  • vENdetta (Halvor Gulestøl)
  • lurppis (Tomi Kovanen)
  • Fifflaren (Robin Johansson)

'A chance for someone to shine'

Beyond The Summit CEO David "LD" Gorman was asked via Reddit why Team Liquid, Cloud 9 and MIBR were not among the list of attendees.

He replied: "Between EPL, ECS, and the endless slog of LANs, the whole year is insanely crowded in the CS:GO calendar. We were originally scheduled for the same week Starladder ended up on, but we ended up having to move due to the conflict.

"Would we love to have the top five HLTV-ranked teams at every one of our events? Sure! But scheduling them is pretty difficult, because they prioritise the major online leagues and usually have direct invites to every other LAN.

"The nice thing is it gives lesser-known teams an opportunity to shine, and for our event it's not purely about having the biggest names, it's about creating funny / memorable moments for the viewers.

"We're feeling confident that we'll get great stuff out of the players/teams we've invited both in terms of content and casting."