CS:GO players on vacation: How they're spending their summer

It’s that time of the year again, when the world’s best Counter-Strike players prepare for the most important event of the year by…going on holiday. This may seem a little counter-intuitive, but that’s the way Valve has planned 2019 and at this point there really isn’t a lot we can do about it, so let’s sit back, relax, and enviously look on as a bunch of esports pros post pictures from pools, beaches and other exotic locations, weeks away from the Major, starting with…


You want fun? You want to have a good time? By all accounts, NiKo is a man who knows what he wants, and generally goes about getting it. That’s a lesson karrigan learned the hard way, sadly for the Dane, but on this occasion we hope NiKo’s desire for a pool and a break led to nothing more than a suntan and maybe a hangover. Also pictured, everyone’s favourite FPL legend Loba, and Renegade’s coach Kassad.

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This kid is just too much sometimes. Not for young Twistzz the life of swimming pool photos and after-parties. No, in the wake of his IEM Chicago victory, the world’s most dangerous Canadian spent a bit of time with his mum having a look around the windy city, posting some of the most wholesome photos you’ve seen in a hot minute.


Of course, there is always that one kid that brings something ‘aspirational’ for show and tell, when everyone else just has their favourite toy or maybe the urn granny lives in, and you know it has to be Astralis. After what has been a disastrous few months for the Danes, they are looking to sharpen up pre-Major, and given that they went through the last two without dropping a playoff map you can imagine this bootcamp is going to be a bit intense. Nerds…


It’s not technically a holiday snap, but coldzera is going to have a fair bit of free time on his hands over the coming weeks, and he can probably learn a bit about the bench life from the handsome fella next to him. We know he’s not going to the Major, and it makes sense not to be posting holiday snaps right now, but there is no doubt this is the one top player who probably wishes he had more to do, not less.



So, this one is a holiday snap, but honestly looks more like Tarik just arrived for his first day at school and is being asked to take nice class photo. Travelling to Puerto Rico will have been great for his mind, but we would like to see the former Major winner and current NRG big fish maybe work on his photo form before the next player break.



it’s a bit sad to write this if you remember him from the ScreaM and shox days, but in 2019 the Belgian one-tap machine spends more time posting pouting selfies than he does playing at major LANs. Having said that, he’s the perfect player for a piece about holidays, having essentially been on one for some time now, and he does have the art of looking good on social media down pat.


His former partner in party crime is all grown up now, and a married man, but shoxie still took a bit of time off from being a player to go and spend some time with his family. The picture is a far cry from the stories of old, when he was truly a party animal, but it’s great to see the man grow up and enjoy himself, and he’s still going great guns in the server too.


As a guy who recently revealed what a difficult thing it was to be Major MVP at a very early stage in his career, it’s fair to say Kjaerbye occasionally struggles to find the right set of words when he’s seeking sympathy, and this is another of those moments. Blaming a lack of vacation for your poor form is a bit of an odd choice, especially when you have a lot of time off recently, for example during the playoffs of big LANs, which you didn’t qualify for…


Not everyone spends their time off posting pics on Instagram or Twitter, of course, with some players choosing to earn, or just work on their personal appearance. Sadly, for the rest of the guys, FalleN couldn’t make it on any of these trips. Apparently he was washing his hair…

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Main picture: G2shox / Twitter