CS:GO: ECS Season 8 finals groups and schedule confirmed

The ECS Season 8 finals groups and schedule for the CS:GO event in Dallas have been confirmed.

ECS Season 8 finals, organised by FACEIT, will take place from November 28th to Dec 1st at Esports Stadium, in Arlington.

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ECS Season 8 Finals groups

Group A

Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid

Group B


Selecting the schedule

The full ECS Season 8 Finals schedule has been confirmed. The groups were determined by picks made by AVANGAR and Sharks, who as the firs teams to qualify, were named as A1 and B1. They then took turns to choose the teams they did not want to face in the group stage.

It went like this:

  • A1 (AVANGAR) selects B2 (Astralis)
  • B1 (Sharks) selects A2 (Evil Geniuses)
  • B2 (Astralis) selects A3 (Team Liquid)
  • A2 (Evil Geniuses) selects B3 (Fnatic)
  • B3 (Fnatic) selects A4 (NiP)
  • B4 (MIBR) remaining

It means the ECS Season 8 finals schedule is as follows:

Day one - November 28th

9am CT, 3pm GMT, 4pm CET: AVANGAR vs. EG (Gr A semi 1 - BO1)
10:30am CT, 4:30pm GMT, 5:30pm CET: NiP vs. TL (Gr A semi 2 - BO1)
12pm CT, 6pm GMT, 7pm CET: Astralis vs. Sharks (Gr B semi 1 - BO1)
1:30pm CT, 7:30pm GMT, 8:30pm CET: Fnatic vs. MIBR (Gr B semi 2 - BO1)
3pm CT, 9pm GMT, 10pm CET: Gr A UB Final - BO3
6pm CT, 12am GMT, 1am CET Gr B UB Final - BO3

Picture: Arlington Esports Stadium / Instagram