Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2019: predictions

Blast Pro Copenhagen is starting on November 1st and Boukev, Luckbox contributor and moderator on our Discord community has a few ideas about what might pan out in Copenhagen during the Blast Pro Series Group Stage.


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Team Liquid is looking stronger than Navi on every aspect of this match. Liquid is leading in the Blast Pro point standings with 26 points versus Navi's 6 points. Liquid is bolstering a 74% winrate in the last year on Dust2 while Navi is trailing at 35% winrate. And Navi hasn't been able to beat Liquid in any of the five Dust2 rounds since May of 2018.

Boukev's best bet: Team Liquid to beat Navi @1.6x

Astralis vs Team Liquid on Nuke

Number one in the points ranking Team Liquid is facing the runner up in points Astralis on Nuke on the second day of Copenhagen. In their current form I would only slightly favor Astralis to win. But on Nuke it is a whole different game. Looking at the recent matches played by Astralis on Nuke it is easy to see their dominance on this map. Of their 35 won matches on Nuke since July 2018 they managed to keep 26 opponents on a sub-10 round score rocking a 85% winrate. Meanwhile Team Liquid is on 11 won with 10 opponents on a sub-10 score and a 61% winrate on Nuke.

Boukev's best bet: Astralis to win against Team Liquid @1.7x

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NiP vs Navi on Nuke

With the map Nuke returning five times in Copenhagen we might be fed up with this map around the time this last match of the group stage starts. The number #12 and #10 of the HLTV rankings are close in skill in their current form but NiP seem to be a lot more comfortable on Nuke. In the Blast Pro series in Moscow NiP showed they can win against Navi and I am betting on a similarly developing story for this match in Copenhagen. With odds of 2.4x for a NiP win this is my pick.

Boukev's best bet: NiP win against Navi @2.4x


Picture: Blast Pro Series Official