Blast Pro: Home comforts in Copenhagen for Astralis?

Blast Pro Copenhagen is a special event for the firm, born and based as they are in Denmark, and that means the weekend of Danish CSGO is among the best Blast bring us over the course of the year. As a result, you can generally expect to see the main event Astralis on show, and this weekend is no exception, as the Major-winners seek to add another, less important title to the Valve crowns they’ve won this year.


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Alongside Astralis are a plethora of potential champions, and Cloud9...Jokes at the expense of the NA org aside, this is looking like one of the more stacked events in the Blast calendar, so let’s jump in and see how the event might unfold, and which team can expect to go home $125k richer at the end of a few days of CSGO.

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Big three

A few months ago, this would have been about the most exciting event you could have imagined, with Team Liquid, Astralis, and a Na’Vi finally released from the burden of having to carry both Zeus and Edward, and with Boombl4 and Guardian in the mix. After the major it seems like teams are winding down for the year though, and it’s fair to say the best sides of the summer aren’t looking that hot as the nights close in.

In terms of Liquid, who dominated the bits of the year that didn’t include a Major and generally looked like the best team in the world, it seems like the player break was about the worst thing that could have happened, and they’ve not recovered since. The rise of EG has partly been due to the form of Brehze and Ethan, but also the fact that all the teams keeping the then-NRG boys down in the summer are shadows of their former selves, making it hard to judge how good the overall level might be.

Na’Vi also looked really good in the post-Zeus weeks, but since then a few leaks and whispers have emerged to suggest that things are still not rosy in the black and yellow camp, meaning we have three teams here that could technically be the world’s best on paper, none of which are really in the sort of form to justify that tag right now. Having said that, when it comes to paper vs performance, nobody can match the sheer disappointment FaZe Clan fans must be feeling.

The rest

If you took a fan of CSGO, maybe a couple of years ago, and told them they could watch a team with NiKo, rain, olofmeister and coldzera, they’d be pretty excited, and rightly so. Back then they were three of the world’s most exciting players and the most decorated veteran in the history of gaming (this might be an exaggeration), and you probably wouldn’t even bother to ask if they were being coached by desk talent, or trialling a kid in position five due to a chronic distrust of in-game leaders.

Now though, FaZe is literally no more than proof that talent alone won’t get you very far in modern CSGO. It might seem odd to say, but we’d potentially place FaZe as rank outsiders to take this title based on the form they’ve shown with cold in place, even if they do occasionally pull a blinder and look like an elite team, especially when you consider that the two other outsiders here are hardly minnows, and bring in some decent recent form.

Ninjas in Pyjamas in particular have some real upset potential, having taken a win over EG at StarSeries and iLeague Season 8, and then you have the enigma that is Cloud9. The last achievement listed on their Liquipedia page remains the Boston Major, which is a great indication of how badly the org has managed this asset since that high point, but even the ragtag bunch of NA misfits and guys accused of maybe being cheaters has a chance of winning a map here, thanks to FaZe.

Overall, you can expect Astralis to give this one their all with it being a home event for them, and to be honest we’d almost be tempted to put NiP as second favourites just going off motivation. As the year comes to a close there are no really big events to plan for, and the likes of Liquid seem to have checked out, so this is a fairly open event that you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy CSGO.