Copenhagen champion FunPlus Phoenix is coming to Istanbul

After winning Masters Copenhagen, FunPlus Phoenix is coming to Champions Istanbul as the number one favourite. They were the most dominating team in EMEA this season without a doubt, and VALORANT Champions Istanbul is the perfect chance for them to put an amazing end to this amazing season.

Although FPX did not dominate Masters Copenhagen by defeating every single one of their opponents 2-0 or 3-0, fans loved their style and especially SUYGETSU, who joined the team late because of visa issues. At Champions Istanbul, they won't be missing their most important part before their games. Let's take a look at what they can accomplish.  

FunPlus Phoenix roster

FPX is famous for keeping the core of their roster together for more than a year now. They are praised for their patience and trust in the team by the fans. That is very rare in esports as we usually see teams try to get ahead by bringing the current best players instead of waiting for their own players to blossom.

I can even tell you that FPX's wide fanbase in Europe even though they are a Chinese organization is heavily affected by this decision. Say whatever you want to say about esports fans, but it is sure that they love organizations who treat their players the right way.

Obviously, the biggest reason why fans love FPX is the fact that it's an Eastern European roster. Aside from the young Swedish player Zyppan, FPX's champion roster consists of one Ukrainian, two Russian and one Latvian player. They acquired a roster in CIS, trusting the region, and fans paid them back with their love and attention.

While Shao and ardiis sometimes stand out with their exceptional performances, the team's number one superstar is definitely SUYGETSU. Without him, FPX almost got eliminated from Masters Copenhagen, and his difference was felt dearly when he joined the team in the lower bracket for the unbelievable miracle run.

The Russian doesn't play flashy agents like Jett or Raze - his main champion during Masters Copenhagen was a Controller agent, Viper. Before that, he played Cypher most of his career, and he went for Sage mostly when he didn't play those two.

SUYGETSU's ability to offer incredible firepower on such agents definitely bring something to FunPlus Phoenix that other teams simply cannot match. While they have to rely on their Jett and Raze, FPX can have both of them and a SUYGETSU waiting for the clutch moment on his Controller agent.

SUYGETSU and FunPlus Phoenix will aim to keep their good form continuing in Istanbul, Turkey. If you want to check out Champions 2022, make sure to visit Luckbox where you can find live streams of the games. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

FunPlus Phoenix at Champions Istanbul

So, what can FunPlus Phoenix really do in Istanbul? They are one of the favourites, but will they be a dominant champion or will they fight hard until they get to the grand final?

For starters, the Masters Copenhagen champions have relatively weak opponents in their Champions Istanbul group. While XSET and KRÜ managed to make it to the international stage before, they shouldn't cause any problems and FPX should easily make it to the playoffs.

However, they will have strong rivals in the playoffs. Paper Rex, Masters Copenhagen runner-up who FPX defeated 3-2 will definitely aim for a similar feat. Alfajer's Fnatic, Korean nightmare DRX, ScreaM's Team Liquid, Brazilian LOUD and North America's OpTic Gaming will also try to stop FPX in their path to glory.

If what we saw at Masters Copenhagen continues though, FPX will definitely get to the grand final in Turkey as well. As mentioned earlier, FPX has one of the most flexible rosters in VALORANT esports, they don't rely on one or two players with firepower unlike most of their enemies. FPX roster proved they could act superbly in the most important seconds.

While the teams will get close to defeating FPX, they will not manage to defeat them. Maps will go to overtime, series will take three or five games, but FPX will somehow come on top, because they have what it takes to win such long series and such long maps. To defeat FPX, the teams will have to prepare for them specifically. We will have to wait and see if they can manage to come up with an answer.