Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1 schedule & betting odds

Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1 will be held online from April 23 to May 1. The competition will include eight Latin American teams competing for a $35,000 prize fund as well as four berths to the Six Charlotte Major 2022 or previously known as Six May Major 2022.

Let’s have a look at the current schedule and predictions for Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1

Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1 Schedule & Betting odds

Below are the current predictions for the upcoming matches. Teams that are highlighted in bold have the odds in favour. You can click on the dates to take yourself directly to the detailed match page, and watch the matches as they play out live.

Upper-Quarter Finals

Which teams to look out for?

The Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1 line-up is as follows: Furious Gaming, Pampas, ALPHA Team, Six Karma, w7m esports, Team Liquid, Team oNe eSports and FURIA Esports.

Unsurprisingly the top four teams which have the highest odds of winning, compared to two from LATAM and two from Mexico that join the event are from the fortress of R6 esports; Brazil.

Ten Brazilian teams competed for four places to Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1. The event was won by the w7m esports team, who, along with three other teams, will compete in the future competition for a spot at the Six Charlotte Major 2022.

During the regular season, w7m esports had seven victories in normal time, one victory in overtime, and one loss in overtime. Team Liquid is second on the scoreboard with 19 points. Team oNe eSports finished third with 16 points. FURIA Esports claimed the last spot in Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1 with 14 points, surpassing Black Dragons e-Sports in extra indications.

Team oNe with its shining new roster took the ticket to Copa Six 2022 from the legendary R6 team Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) and are definitely the ones to watch out for. Not to forget that they lost against the top dog w7m in the local Brazil qualifier.

W7m emerges as the new powerhouse of Brazil.

The stage's biggest surprise has been w7m esports, who entered the last week of play with 16 points and a record of five regular triumphs and one overtime victory.

After defeating 00 Nation (7-2) and Squad oNe (7-3), the team became the first and so far only Brazilian roster to win eight consecutive games. The lineup of the new powerhouse is also the first to score +22 points in the same Brasileiro stage.

However, w7m esports' weekend resulted in a tragic end to their winning streak, because the squad was unable to finish the stage undefeated. Following a shaky first half on Villa, in which w7m only won one of its six defences, INTZ prevailed in double overtime.

Yet they stand above all of their opponents, and we can expect to see a story from them similar to Team Spirit’s from Dota.

FURIA finally settles it with MIBR

The Legendary team put behind the ones like FaZe, their long time rivals MIBR and NiP. They ran the gauntlet and came out as the victors.

Diogo "Fntzy" Lima and Luiz "Miracle" Abrantes of the team demonstrated to be vital for the lineup. FURIA's weekend began with a tremendous victory over Black Dragons, which not only put the team ahead of BD but also provided FURIA Esports a stronger status in the event of a tie-breaker.

The next day, FURIA Esports beat INTZ 7-2. Fntzy was instrumental in both triumphs.

Following those two results, FURIA Esports' win over Ninjas in Pyjamas on Sunday propelled the squad to fourth place. With MIBR down by four points and a greater round differential than Black Dragons, it was all up to FaZe Clan and they too were bested by the legendary FURIA.

Meanwhile FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and MIBR will participate in the Copa do Brasil after their ‘spectacular’ fails with newly rising teams such as Black Dragons, INTZ, and 9 more other squads and one of those teams will be the newly acquired women roster of w7m.