Complexity starts ESL Pro League Season 16's Group C well

The first two days of ESL Pro League Season 16's Group C have come to an end. Contrary to expectations, Complexity started the group well and they are now in the lead.

Today we will take a look at the matches played in the first two days and the matches that will be played in the remaining three days.

Astralis lost to Complexity

September 14

  • MOUZ 2 - 0 Heroic
  • Complexity 2 - 1 Astralis
  • ENCE 2 - 0 HEET
Credit: ESL

September 15

  • Astralis 2 - 0 MOUZ
  • Complexity 2 - 0 HEET
  • ENCE 0 - 2 Heroic

The most interesting match of the first two days was played between Complexity and Astralis. Astralis won the first map 9-16. In the second map, the teams never gave up and Complexity won the map, which lasted exactly 48 rounds, with a score of 25-23. Fans watched an almost endless competition. As if that weren't enough, Complexity also prevailed on the final map, unexpectedly defeating the favourite of the group.

They also defeated HEET, seen as the weak link of the group. Before the group stage started, we were saying Complexity would be 5th, but now they are in the lead. Another exciting encounter was between ENCE and Heroic. Heroic gained a significant advantage against their opponent with the win.

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Credit: ESL

Remaining matches of Group C

September 16

I think it is certain that Astralis will win on the third day. Complexity will most likely get their first defeat. It will be a lot of fun to watch ENCE and MOUZ meet. According to the betting odds, ENCE is ahead by a quite small margin, but if you ask me, the winner of the match will be MOUZ.

September 17

On the fourth day, we expect Heroic and MOUZ to win without difficulty. Of course, Complexity's performance is difficult to predict as of now. The encounter between ENCE and Astralis will be the most enjoyable encounter of the fourth day. The winner will probably be Astralis though.

September 18

I expect HEET and Complexity to be defeated on the last day. Heroic vs Astralis encounter will probably change the balance in the group. Even though Heroic is the favourite according to the betting odds, I think Astralis will not give up the win.

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