Complexity Gaming's Dallas Cowboys rebrand 'is phenomenal'

Complexity Gaming unveiled a new logo and colour scheme in a rebrand inspired by its sister team, NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys. Alex “Waldo” Waldherr, a Luckbox community member, a CSGO connoisseur and CompLexity fan, says the move is phenomenal for the future of esports

If you've followed esports for a long time, particularly as a North American fan, you've certainly heard of Complexity Gaming. If you're a super OG, perhaps Complexity Syndicate or even Complexity Clan. An organisation that is no stranger to rebranding is at it again, but this time with more meaning than ever before.

My biases as a fan aside, this is a monumental moment for esports as a whole. CompLexity have always been known for being innovators, particularly when it came to pulling back the curtain and letting their fans see into the lives of their esports professionals. Nobody does content quite like compLexity, certainly not for as long as they have. From their CSGO movies such as Armageddon, Redemption, and Ressurection to their POV series, or its oldest predecessor, the On the Spot series. COL have always been at the cutting edge of making their fan base feel connected to the organisation. But this is a new example of being on the cutting edge.

I'm sure there will be hate, there always is. People will say that it's a sellout move, an insult to compLexity's history, or just be salty that they need all new gear (my wallet relates). But this is phenomenal for the future of esports. Having a man whose brand is worth more than any sports franchise in the world (yes you read that right, look it up, even more than Manchester United) as one of your key investors is awesome. Having them be so proud of that partnership that they want you to be even more closely aligned with their billion-dollar brand? That's legendary.


This rebranding opens the door even further for esports organisations to align with existing infrastructure to grow and flourish. Sure, the NBA2K franchises are great, but this means so much more since the connection between the two is not as intuitive. It's easy to have an NBA team sponsor the electronic version of the sport that they already play. It's far more difficult to get a NFL franchise to align with a CSGO, Dota 2, and a Hearthstone team. (Though it doesn't hurt when you bring home a Madden Bowl for the Cowboys, congrats again Drini!)

Jason Lake, hats off to you once again. I think I speak for everyone when I say that's it's hard to imagine you without the red tie that has become synonymous with your name. But COLboy blue looks good on you, too. It's your game, and it has been since 2003. Own it. You deserve it.