Comeback Kings: FaZe Clan battled back to win Six Sweden Major 2021

FaZe Clan showed class and resilience to win the Six Sweden Major 2021, battling back in both the semi-final and final against fellow Brazilians Ninjas in Pyjamas. Here’s the story of FaZe’s moment of glory.

FaZe Clan put their mark on the group stages

The Brazilian team's group included Rogue, Chiefs Esports Club and Oxygen Esports. With a 4-point lead over their closest rivals Rogue, FaZe Clan had a strong group stage, winning twice 7-0 in six games and only losing to Rogue in one of their two matches.

There was only one other team that performed so well, Ninjas in Pyjamas in Group C. By a quirk of fate, these two Brazilian teams also met in the final match.

FaZe Clan's playoff adventure and amazing comebacks

After a great group stage, FaZe Clan's first opponent in the playoffs was BDS Esport. The French team, who were only one point behind Ninjas in Pyjamas in Group C, were no match for FaZe Clan, who won the game 2-0.

In the semi-finals, they faced the South Korean team DAMWON Gaming. The South Korean team took a 0:1 lead. FaZe managed to level the score on the Bank card. In the last game of Bo3, FaZe, who won in overtime, ascended to the final.

Their opponents in the grand final were Ninjas in Pyjamas, another Brazilian team that defeated both Spacestation Gaming in the quarter-finals and Rogue in the semi-finals by 2-0.

Thus, two great Brazilian teams met in the grand final in Gävle, Sweden. On the first map, Coastline, FaZe started Bo5 with an easy 7-1 win. On the extremely exciting map Villa, Ninjas in Pyjamas won 11-9 in overtime. NIP, who also won on Chalet, led 2-1 in the series. FaZe Clan, which made a comeback in the semi-finals to reach the grand final, won 7-3 on the last two maps in a row, made another comeback and became the champion of the Six Sweden Major 2021.






FaZe Clan




Ninjas in Pyjamas









Spacestation Gaming



Team oNe eSports

BDS Esport



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Team Vitality


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Oxygen Esports



DarkZero Esports

Invictus Gaming Int.

FURIA Esports

From Brasileirão 2021 - Stage 3 to the Six Sweden Major 2021 grand final

Apart from the fact that the two Brazilian teams met in the final, there was another coincidence. These two teams qualified for the Copa Elite Six through their success at Brasileirão 2021 - Stage 3. FaZe Clan finished first and Ninjas in Pyjamas fourth at the Copa Elite Six. This means they qualified for the Six Sweden Major 2021. After a long journey, the two teams met for the last time in the grand final of the Major.

Even though the Six Sweden Major 2021 is over, there are still plenty of Rainbow Six Siege tournaments taking place, with lots more planned in the future.

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