Coldzera calls out West Ham's Nasri and Hernandez on Twitter


Beef with Brazilian CSGO players is nothing new to the scene, but Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David has taken it to a new level, according to a Tweet on his timeline. Allegedly, the Brazilian flew into London this week to record some material with West Ham United footballers, who share a sponsor with MIBR, only to be let down and left waiting by the professionals in question.

As everyone in CSGO knows, you don’t mess with Brazilian players and get away with it lightly. Not only did coldzera decide to call out the incident out on Twtter, he even went as far as tagging the players in question, Samir Nasri and Javier Hernandez, otherwise known as Chicharito, leading to some heated messages from fans of the CSGO star.

According to the post, MIBR’s star man woke up 4.30am, before taking a flight to London to record a video with West ham players in question. Sadly, they seemingly didn’t show up, meaning that an entire day of bootcamp was lost to the players, who are currently preparing for the WESG event in China, and a tilt at a first title in some time.


Cold shoulder

One thing we can be sure of is that cold himself doesn’t watch the Hammers all that often, as he’d know if he did that Hernandez and Nasri make a habit of not turning up for their employers, and have apparently decided to take that ethos into their off-pitch commitments too. Whether either tweets at cold to ‘prove it or I’ll kill you’ remains to be seen, but if they do we can be sure this was nothing more than a marketing stunt by a company trying to leverage overpaid, underperforming stars to promote some kind of product.

We wish cold and co luck down in China of, course, with the team in need of any win to maintain their upward trajectory and continue to improve. With WESG due to start in five days, it will be interesting to see how MIBR get on, having bootcamped for the tournament itself, as the event is notoriously hard to predict for a variety of reasons.

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