If coldzera's new team is FaZe Clan, then who wins?

After months, if not years, of speculation, the news finally broke last week that the greatest player Brazilian CSGO has ever produced will be leaving his home to find a new ‘challenge’. Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David asked to be benched by the Immortals-owned MIBR, causing chaos in his team ahead of the Berlin Major, and forcing them to play with their coach, having seen that team go from world number one to something of a joke since their acquisition by IMT.


Coldzera's new team...

Speculation based on some fairly solid evidence suggests the most desirable location coldzera believes he could find himself in would be FaZe Clan, where he’d team up with NiKo, GuardiaN, Olof and rain most likely, leaving Neo to leave the team. This would probably be a blessing in disguise, for Neo at least, as the Polish veteran hasn’t done himself any favours as a part of the FaZe familia, but what would the move look like for the remaining four, and Mr David himself?


Cold’s comfort

It’s no secret that coldzera is an admirer of NiKo, and the admiration clearly goes both ways as is only right. For all we can speculate about their character flaws, there are few, if any players as talented and accomplished as this pair in all of esports, and the moniker ‘the master’ still fits the Brazilian. Thorin originally coined the term to describe a man who believes in leaving no stone unturned, and optimising every part of his talent to be the best he can.

Interestingly, this is exactly what s1mple said recently about his own ability to be a god of the game, and illustrates the talent difference between the Ukrainian and other players in CS. There has never been any doubt about coldzera’s desire to win, but the potential move to FaZe does look a lot like he’s desperate to get into the fire, having grown sick of the frying pan.

Add to that the fact FaZe don’t appear to have money to burn and might have some significant legal fees to cover in the coming months and this move is clearly shrouded in doubt. A long line of free agents haven’t come into FaZe because they were the best option, but because that was all the org could afford, and there is no reason to think they could change those circumstances unless a deal was cut with a sponsor to cover the majority of the costs, the way Juventus have in football.


FaZe Up?

From FaZe Clan’s point of view, there are two moves going on here, one of which involves cold the player and one involves cold the brand. Given the terrible Tfue situation they have constructed for themselves and the PR nightmare Banks created in the aftermath of the story breaking, this would be the sort of move that the clan could feasibly write off as a ‘back on track’ expense, especially if they can secure funding for the move.

It would also move them into a market that they have already begun to cultivate without costing them the base their CSGO team has built. Their Rainbow 6 team is based in SA, Brazil to be precise, and coldzera would be a further foothold in a market that has massive potential and could help them right the ship after what has been a very difficult period for the org.

In terms of the player, it doesn’t immediately make sense to bring another talented but difficult star into a team that lacks direction but not skill. In a weird way, the addition of FalleN to FaZe would be far more sensible than this move, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon, and to be honest FalleN himself would probably want nothing less than leaving a dysfunctional team full of egos to move to, well, you know the punchline.

All in all, it’s not a move that makes immediate sense for either party, and there is one more factor. While codzera is great, he was significantly less so when TACO left SK Gaming, and there is no proof he can hard carry in the way NiKo, s1mple and recently ZywOo have shown. With all this in mind, the addition of coldzera seems more risk than guaranteed reward, and could prove to be a lucrative mistake for a player that seems unsure of what they want from their future.

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Picture: ESL | Helena Kristiansson