COD Challengers Elite 2 NA day 4 results & schedule

Call of Duty Challengers Elite Stage  2 matches draws to a close. Challengers series serve as a minor league for the upcoming talents that will make their way into the CDL and make a name for themselves.

Challengers is an important league in the CoD ecosystem because it also serves as a talent finder for the major teams.

For example, Minnesota ROKKR has announced that they signed one of the best CoD Challengers teams on Monday, February 14. Hailing from Europe, the Spanish roster, Young Galacticos, will now compete under the RØKKR banner, as RØKKR Academy.

What is CoD Challengers Elite

Call of Duty Challengers Elite is a program designed to elevate the best amateur teams in North America and Europe. Eight of the best teams from each region will compete for a dedicated prize pool and time in the spotlight.

Elite carries a dedicated prize pool and features eight teams in North America and eight in Europe battling in regional competitions.

Call of Duty Challengers Elite competitions will take place over the course of the 2022 Season. Teams in North America and Europe earn a place in Challengers Elite via qualifying competitions.

Top teams determined by Challengers Points will compete in qualifier tournaments to secure their spot in each Challengers Elite stage. Challengers Elite will feature 8 teams in each region (8 teams in North America and 8 teams in Europe).

North American teams will only compete against teams located in North America. Likewise, teams in Europe will only compete in matches against teams in Europe.

Teams will compete in round-robin matches. The teams with the best record, in their respective region, will compete in a playoff bracket to secure their spot for the next stage of Call of Duty Challengers Elite competition.

CoD Challengers Elite 2 NA Format and Schedule

Teams will compete for an additional $50,000 prize pool besides making a name for themselves as the future major players of the major Call of Duty League. Select matches will be broadcast from the official CoD Challengers channel on Youtube.

Read here for the official Challengers rulebook.

  • Top 8 teams from Qualifier Bracket
  • Round Robin Bo5
  • Top 4 teams qualify for the next Elite stage and advance to the Playoff Bracket
  • Bottom 4 teams are eliminated


Current results before the final matches of stage 2

Round Robin
1. Texas Nation 6-0
2. BearClaw Gaming 5-1
3. WhateverItTakes 3-3
4. Infamous Esports 2-4
5. Stallions 2-4    
6. Ultra Academy NA 2-4 
7. UYU 2-4 
8. Strike X 2-4 


Call of Duty Challengers Elite Stage 2 NA day 4 match schedule

  • STAL Stallions vs. WhateverItTakes WIT (March 17, 2022 - 02:00 UTC+3)
  • STRX Strike X vs. UYU UYU (March 17, 2022 - 02:00 UTC+3)
  • TOR.NA Ultra Academy NA vs. Infamous Esports INF (March 17, 2022 - 03:30 UTC+3)
  • BC BearClaw Gaming vs. Texas Nation TN (March 17, 2022 - 03:30 UTC+3)

Throughout the season we’ll watch which minor league teams will make a name for themselves, and which players will get transferred to the CDL’s major teams.