Coca-Cola joins Wild Rift Esports as worldwide founding partner

Riot's popular MOBA and one of the fastest growing esports titles League of Legends: Wild Rift has entered into a strategic partnership with Coca-Cola. The partnership offers the opportunity to connect players and fans in new ways.

Wild Rift has hosted many esports events over the past year. With the experience gained over the past year, the game has launched its first official competitive season in 2022. The global competition phase is divided into eight regions and the best teams from all regions will participate in the final event of the 2022 competition season, the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship, which will take place this summer.

The first phase of the partnership will be launched with the 'It must be Real' campaign. Coca-Cola will also launch a weekly series of content created in partnership with Wild Rift to enhance the fan experience. This is a prelude to a bigger goal - creating value for the community.

The agreement goes beyond sponsorships and promotions. For example, Coca-Cola has agreed to work with Wild Rift to create a weekly content series.

The beginning of a multi-year partnership

Source: Coca-Cola Twitter

The multi-year partnership is the first of its kind in mobile gaming and Esports. However, it is not the first time Coca-Cola has partnered with Wild Rift from Riot. Coca-Cola has previously worked with the PC version of the game. From 2014 to 2016, the company worked with Coca-Cola on the League of Legends World Championship, providing a customised spectator experience and merchandise.

Riot Games’ Global Head of Wild Rift Esports, Leo Faria said: “Coca-Cola helped launch what is now the biggest esports on the planet, League of Legends Esports, so I’m thrilled that they see the future in Wild Rift Esports as well. This partnership will span across more than 100 countries, including the eight regional leagues that serve as the foundation for our sport.”

Coca-Cola has also honed its marketing approach. “Mobile gaming and mobile esports appeals to new audiences globally,” said Valeria Herzer, senior director of global gaming, influencers and new platforms at Coca-Cola. “As a worldwide founding partner, we will co-create unique fan experiences for both League of Legends: Wild Rift and Wild Rift Esports. [We will also] create value for the gaming community—ultimately uplifting, entertaining and championing both players and fans alike.”

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