Cloud9 is focused on ESL Pro League Season 16

Cloud9 is one of the most notable teams of ESL Pro League Season 16. They seem to be among the favourites of Group D, and according to many, they will reach the first place in the group.

Together we will take a look at how Cloud9 might perform in ESL Pro League Season 16 and make the predictions.

Cloud9's roster was more successful under the name Gambit Esports

We all know about Gambit Esports' achievements in CS:GO. On April 24, the entire roster of Gambit Esports was acquired by Cloud9. After this, they have not yet reached the level of success they had while at Gambit Esports. They were the most talked-about team right after NAVI in every tournament they participated in under the name Gambit Esports, and they even surpassed NAVI for a while.

Under the name Cloud9, they have participated in four tournaments so far. Their first tournament was the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and they certainly fell short of expectations. Being 12th-14th is definitely not befitting for such a quality roster.

Then they attended IEM Dallas 2022 and were able to show their true roster quality there. They won the championship by defeating ENCE 3-0 in the final of IEM Dallas 2022.

In the Roobet Cup, they reached the semifinals. The team that eliminated them was BIG. They performed below expectations, eliminated with a 0-2 defeat.

Most recently, they attended IEM Cologne 2022. Quarterfinals were expected out of them at least, but their performance fell short and they finished the tournament 9th-12th.

In short, although they are still a very successful team, this roster has yet to reach the quality of Gambit Esports.

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Credit: ESL

Cloud9 is seen as the favourite of Group D

Most CS:GO fans think Cloud9 is the favourite of Group D and will definitely make it to the playoffs. My opinion is a little different. I think Team Liquid, who has shown a stable performance, will finish first in the group, while Movistar Riders, one of the leading teams of recent times, will come second.

In my opinion, Cloud9 will advance to the playoff stage in third place. They may even be eliminated from ESL Pro League Season 16 early if they lose to FURIA Esports. Still, I know Cloud9 can do great things if they show their real performance.

If Cloud9 is going to have a similar performance to the last tournaments, I think they'll win the Round of 12 match and advance to the quarterfinals, but I don't think they'll be able to advance to the semifinals. For this they need to replicate their performance from the old days.

Let's see if Cloud9 will be able to perform in ESL Pro League Season 16 at a level they performed in IEM Dallas 2022 or under the name of Gambit Esports. Stay on Luckbox and let's find out the answer together.