Cloud9 and Jensen win the first LCS together

2022 LCS Summer Playoffs are over and Cloud9 is crowned the best League of Legends team in North America. After this achievement, C9 will represent their region in Worlds 2022, taking the first seed. While this isn't the first championship for both Cloud9 and Jensen, it is the first time Jensen has won the LCS under Cloud9 banner.

Jensen is one of the most iconic players of Cloud9's League of Legends history, but he sadly couldn't win an LCS title until now, even though he saw Worlds semi-finals with the team. Jensen won the LCS two times with Team Liquid and Cloud9 won the LCS two times as well since his departure, but he joined C9 this summer and finally won a title together.

Jensen and Cloud9

Together with Sneaky, LemonNation, Hai and more, Jensen is no doubt one of the legends of Cloud9. Playing for the organization, Jensen helped C9 get the best result NA has ever had at Worlds 2018, defeating Afreeca Freecs in quarter-finals and playing in the semi-finals.

Jensen and Cloud9 had their lows too. LCS fans will remember the time he botched the Ekko ultimate which led to C9 losing an LCS title that they were craving. However,  they remembered him with the best moments when he left to join Team Liquid and win LCS two times under their banner.

In the meantime, Cloud9 went under several reconstructions of the roster and managed to win two spring season titles while Jensen won none after 2019. When Bjergsen retired following a disastrous result at Worlds 2020, Jensen found a 4 year long contract at the age of 25. When Bjergsen decided to come back, TL benched Jensen to take Bjergsen, his long-standing nemesis.

After years of being compared to Bjergsen and watching him become the number one LCS legend while getting stuck without an LCS title, Jensen now had to deal with being benched after one of his best performances in 2021. TL agreed to let go of Jensen after the spring season, and Cloud9 took the opportunity to send Fudge back to the top lane and once again, rebuild.

With their success in LCS 2022 Championship, Cloud9 will represent NA at Worlds 2022 which will start in a few weeks. You can watch the games and find the latest news on Luckbox. Sign up now to grab your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

Cloud9 shines in summer season

C9 was not in a great position after spring either, they replaced their coach LS with Max Waldo, their team building failed, and admitted by their owner Jack Etienne, this was the toughest year in Cloud9's history. With Jensen's arrival, it was time to focus on positive thoughts and work to become the best they could be before the playoffs.

Young Berserker was the primary focus of Cloud9 in 2022, he will carry the team, and he had some help from Zven, switching to support after spending the spring season in LCS Academy. Berserker - Zven duo had problems initially, but Cloud9 managed to make it work. With Blaber's performance improving for the playoffs, Fudge's wide champion pool and Jensen's skill and experience, C9 aimed for one of the three Worlds 2022 slots NA has.

While almost all the playoffs series were ending in 3-2 results, after struggling against CLG, Cloud9 managed to play a very comfortable series against EG, defeating them 3-1. Following that, they secured a Worlds 2022 ticket and many thought it was over for them. Cloud9 answered with another 3-1, this time against 100 Thieves.

Securing qualification for the main event, and C9 fans will back me up on this: we expected a classic move from Cloud9, failing to focus and losing the LCS title as they did several times between 2013 and 2020. However, this Cloud9 was hungry.

Fudge was trying to prove he wasn't a nobody like many fans consider him to be. Blaber was proving he was more than a mediocre domestic player you have to include in your roster. Jensen was fighting to show he was not just a replacement for Bjergsen. Zven was showing that he did not lose the competitive soul inside him.

100 Thieves couldn't stand in the way of such a team with strong bonds, believing in each other. Cloud9 crushed their rivals 3-0 in the grand finale. We witnessed the second hard stomp of the day following Rogue's victory against G2 Esports. Bjergsen misses Worlds 2022 while Jensen arrives as the first seed. North America faced the reality: Cloud9 is back, Jensen is back, Zven is back. Make your plans accordingly.