Chongqing Major: Eight great moments so far

We're down to the business end of the Chongqing Major, with only eight of the original 16 remaining in the tournament in China.

With Virtus.pro, Team Secret, Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Liquid, EHOME and PSG.LGD remaining, there is sure to be some amazing play ahead.

We've already witnessed some dazzling Dota so far and here's our pick of our favourite moments from the Chongqing Major so far.

Vici Gaming v LGD.PSG - Game 2

Vici Gaming invade LGD's jungle and execute the perfect wombo-combo to teamwipe LGD without losing a single player.

Team Secret v EHOME - Game 2

EHOME feel like they are winning the teamfight close to their base being 4v2 but Nisha's Phantom Assassin proves to be far too strong for them to challenge, resulting in a triple rampage for the 18 year old carry.

Team Liquid v The Pango - Game 1

For anyone doubting whether Shadow can still cut it in top-tier Dota standing in for Team Liquid, he proves his worth here with a great setup from GH resulting in a game-ending rampage.

TNC v Aster

TNC poke at Team Aster's base defence until they manage to force a fight where Gabbi can demonstrate his unbelievable skill on Morph, ending the game with a rampage.

PSG.LGD v Forward

LGD find the perfect initiation with a Puck coil locking down FWD's team while Maybe cleans up the pieces with Razer for an ultra kill.

Forward v Team Secret

MidOne denies the aegis with a hidden Visage familiar, resulting in a Secret team wipe of FWD.

Vici Gaming v Liquid - Game 2

Liquid's GH on Earth Spirit runs the length of the entire map trying to escape VG, until Ori finally catches up to finish him off.

Liquid v The Pango - Game 1

The Pango initiate a teamfight with double ravage and chain frost, but Liquid turn the battle with an incredible amount of bonus damage on GH's Elder Titan.

This is your moment

What's been your favourite moment of the Chongqing Major so far? Hop on in to our Discord server to let us know and discuss Dotes with the Luckbox team and other fans.

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