Chinese talent will fuel TSM in 2022

TSM has announced their new roster for 2022. The team will introduce two new Chinese players and a new head coach, Chawy from Singapore. What are their plans for 2022, and can they manage to make a success story out of this new roster? Let’s try to find out.

Before Keaiduo and Shenyi, two relatively unknown players from China, TSM had Spica, a Chinese citizen who speaks Mandarin. Aside from Huni in the top lane, TSM left the South Korea route everyone took and tried a new one; bringing in Chinese talent. A similar route was taken by Cloud9 this year, but their youngsters were Korean.

Who are Keaiduo and Shenyi?

As mentioned earlier, there is little known about these two Chinese players. Keaiduo spent his first professional year, 2021, in TT Young where they ended up 10th and 8th place during two splits of LDL. His nickname refers to the icecream brand Cornetto, and he is 20 years old. During 2021, Keaiduo played 83 games, winning 45 of them. His most played champion was Twisted Fate with 12 games, but his best win rate with champions played more than twice were Galio (4 games, 100%) and Viktor (7 games, 85.7%).

Support player Shenyi is a bit younger than Keaiduo, born in May 2002. His career started in 2020, at LDL 2020 Summer. His team, FunPlus Blaze, FPX’s secondary team, finished the regular season in first place and playoffs in third place, while he was the starter for most of the games. He also had five games of LPL experience with FPX in 2021.

Out of these two, Shenyi looks like the one with more experience, and Keaiduo to be a mechanical prodigy. If not, his transfer might be disappointing. In any case, while bringing in these players, TSM has taken a risk. While the rewards are high, if things go wrong, the backlash from the fans might be unbearable.

The rest of the team at TSM

TSM kept their veteran top laner Huni for 2022. The 24 year old Korean player who is considered a resident in LCS will surely be the leader of the team. Although he is criticized every now and then, TSM apparently trusts him, and Huni might be taking on a new role here with young players around him. He is one of the oldest faces in the industry, although he himself is not that old. It could be nice to see him as a “captain”.

Spica, TSM’s jungler prodigy will also stay for 2022. As mentioned before, he is a Chinese citizen who speaks native English and Mandarin and he is also an LCS resident. He is too big of a talent for TSM to lose, for most analysts, he is who kept TSM inside the title race last year. It is a nice move from TSM to keep him and bring Chinese players around him. The 20 year old jungler might be the superstar of TSM next year.

Deciding to change their bot laner Lost, TSM brought in Tactical from Team Liquid who bought Hans sama from LEC’s Rogue. Tactical is also considered one of the massive young talents of LCS, which will bring TSM’s potential to a new high. The 21 year old bot laner had a great synergy with CoreJJ and his performance was always praised. Hopefully, he can carry that to TSM.

Again, TSM put Chawy at the top of their coaching staff. The Singaporean ex-player has played mid lane for big names from LMS like Taipei Assassins and HK Attitude, before moving on to being a coach for HKA. After one year in Brazil, he came back to HKA for 2021, where he couldn’t get a notable achievement.

Full roster and coaching staff of TSM

TSM look like they have a plan for 2022, and if they can make it work, it will be good for everyone involved, from Huni to Chawy or the new Chinese players, even LCS. Find the information about TSM’s new roster below:



Birth date


Top Laner

December 25, 1997



February 17, 2001


Mid Laner

May 11, 2001


Bot Laner

August 18, 2000



May 21, 2002


Head Coach


Assistant Coach


Strategic Coach & Head Scout

Peter Zhang

Head of Player Development


Head of Data Science and Analytics

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