Chest of Endless Days is a masterstroke by Valve

Chest of Endless Days is a masterstroke by Valve to reward Dota 2 players – a move that incentivises the existing player base. Coincidentally, Chest of Endless Days treasure also incentivises the inactive player base which hasn't existed since a long time.

In simple terms, Valve has managed to, hopefully, implement a psychological hack to lure the inactive player base back to their keyboards.

Genius, isn’t it?

There’s a catch

The unique element of the Chest of Endless Days is that it cannot be purchased. You heard it correctly. But as is with Valve, with their masterstroke, the treasure is indirectly linked behind a paywall.

It is correct that the treasure isn’t purchasable. The treasure is, in fact, dropped randomly to players during matchmaking. The catch is, it requires a key to open the Chest of Endless Days, costing $2.49 only.

Now we all know that Valve is brimming with money trickling into their pockets in hordes, thanks to us, the players.

The in-game items are designed in such a way that it instantly makes you want to grab the keyboard, grind hard and get some drops. A fitting move by the small indie company raking in all the moolah in the world from dweebs like us.

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Another unique element of the treasure is its uniquely designed in-game items, which looks stunning, to say the least.

Each treasure grants a set for Luna, Templar Assassin, Weaver, Nature's Prophet, Viper, Drow Ranger, Wraith King, Pangolier, Winter Wyvern, or Lycan. Opening a treasure will also give a chance to unwrap a Rare Witch Doctor set, Very Rare Hoodwink set, or Ultra Rare Kid Invoker set, which includes the base Kid Invoker persona if not already owned.

Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for both – Valve and Valve. Players, on the other hand, giff your money.