CDL 2022: Stage 3 Major Schedule & Betting Odds

The second half of the 2022 Call of Duty League season is here, which means all 12 teams will be attempting to capture some momentum as the standings become increasingly more important.

Now that the online qualifier stage for the major is concluded. The top eight teams will compete in the winners bracket, whilst the bottom four will compete in the losers bracket.

Let’s take a look at the schedule, betting odds and how teams stand before the Call of Duty League 2022: Stage 3 Major begins.

CDL 2022: Stage 3 Major Format

  • Double-Elimination bracket
  • Teams are seeded by Stage 3's placement:
  • Group 1st - 8th: Winners Round 1
  • Group 9th - 12th: Losers Round 1
  • All matches (excl. Grand Finals) are Bo5
  • Grand Final is Bo9

CDL 2022: Stage 3 Major Schedule & Betting Odds

via Call of Duty League

Below are the current predictions for the upcoming matches. Teams that are highlighted in bold have the odds in their favour. You can click on the date/time to take yourself directly to the detailed match page, and live bet whilst the matches play out.

You can always visit to watch your favourite team’s matches and bet live, you can also follow the official streams from CDL’s own page.

CDL 2022: Stage 3 Major Lineup

OpTic Texas was one of three victors on Sunday during Week 3 of Call of Duty League Stage 3 Major qualification.

The Seattle Surge and the Florida Mutineers also both won.

OpTic Texas, which is now second in the CDL points standings with 205 points, defeated the Los Angeles Thieves 3-0 on Sunday.

The Texas team won 250-135 on Berlin Hardpoint, 6-4 on Berlin Search and Destroy, and 3-0 on Berlin Control to secure the overall triumph.

The Seattle Surge, like OpTic, swept the London Royal Ravens 3-0. Seattle won the first game 250-109 on Bocage Hardpoint, then a 6-5 win on Desert Siege Search and Destroy and a 3-0 win on Berlin Contro.

The Florida Mutineers and the Boston Breach battled back and forth, with the Mutineers finally winning the day 6-5 on Berlin Search and Destroy.

Prior to that, Florida won Gavutu Hardpoint 250-248, Bocage Search and Destroy 6-3, Tuscan Control 3-1, and Tuscan Hardpoint 250-179.

The outcomes of each team's five qualifying matches, which concluded on Sunday, decided seeding for the Major 3 event, which begins on Thursday in Toronto.

As months passed and things set in place in CDL , the overall rhythm of the tournament now follows the domination battle between OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe.

Both teams are almost head to head in points, with Faze coming in first with 210 CDL points and Optic coming in second with 205.

London Royal Ravens coming in 3rd with 140 CDL points, but almost always challenging the other top dogs. Only thing they need is a major win and they are set for the end of the year.