CDL 2022 - Major 2 Qualifiers week 1 schedule & betting odds

Call of Duty League 2022: Major 2 group stage begins this weekend on March 11th, with Major 1 in the rear mirror and after a very hard fought victory for Optic Texas against the reigning champions Atlanta Faze after 1,000 days from their previous championship. Let’s see the details for the upcoming CDL tournament.

Minnesota ROKKR hosts major 2

Minnesota ROKKR were ready to organise the event, but they had yet to find a location. Now that they've announced that they've got one, Major 2 will take place at Mystic Lakes in Minnesota where teams will battle out for the $500,000 prize with the winner getting $200,000.

“We’re thrilled to bring the highest calibre of live professional esports competition back to Minnesota, and to partner with Mystic Lake to create a great fan experience around the event,” Brett Diamond, chief operating officer at Version1.

All 12 Call of Duty League teams will meet in Minnesota from March 31 to April 3 for the second LAN of the year.

Rkkr is also organising the Challengers competition in addition to the official COD League tournament. Challengers is an amateur competition circuit that serves as a stepping stone for aspiring Call of Duty players. The Challengers event, which will be held at the same location from March 31 to April 3, will feature up to 96 four-person teams.

CDL Major 2 group stage format

  • 5 matches played per team
  • Online Qualifier standings will be used to determine seeding in each Major Playoff for all 12 Teams
  • Each team receives 10 CDL points for each win

Schedule & bet odds

Major II group stage will take place in Online Qualifiers: March 11-27

Minnesota ROKKR LAN Tournament will happen on March 31-April 3

You can click on the dates to take yourself directly to the match page for a detailed breakdown of odds. Teams highlighted in bold have the odds in favour of them.

Week 1 Matches

Major 1 Highlights


There are currently 3 teams that have shown consistent performance throughout the Major 1.

#3 London Royal Ravens

  • Major I Record: 2-2

2-2 The CDL continues to be surprised by London. The Royal Ravens demonstrated that their online success wasn't a fluke after a fantastic Stage 1.

They advanced all the way to the winners finals before losing consecutive matches against OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe. The games, however, were extremely close, demonstrating potential in every game mode. This was despite Joey "Gismo" Owen's ill health.

The roster might use some help on Berlin Search and Destroy and Control maps, but London should be able to stay in the top five for the foreseeable future.

#2 Atlanta FaZe

  • Major I Record: 4-2

The Atlanta FaZe finished second against the OpTic Texas in Major I, falling barely short of their goal. Atlanta had a rocky tournament in general, being washed by OpTic and then needing to complete their own miracle comeback to beat the LA Thieves.

The roster didn't have the same degree of stability that supporters have come to expect. However, FaZe should be able to bounce back on track during Stage 2 and maybe secure a rematch with Texas.

via Optic Texas

#3 Optic Texas

  • Major I Record: 4-0

The OpTic Gaming franchise had been without a championship for 1,183 days before the OpTic Texas team won a dominating tournament at their first Major.

Every team member was in tune with one another. If this version of OpTic Texas continues around for the long run, it'll be difficult to imagine a team consistently beating them.

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