CDL 2022 Major 1 Qualifiers – Week 1 recap

First week of the long-awaited CDL 2022 has concluded. Here’s a look at the winners and losers of week 1 of CDL and a quick rundown on how the league format works:

The professional Vanguard season’s Stage 1 will conclude after three weeks of online qualifier matches leading up to the year's first Major LAN tournament.

According to the CDL, the league's 12 clubs would play preset matches to guarantee a balanced allocation of opponents. Is this a really fair way to pit teams against each other remains to be seen.


Winners and losers of the Stage 1 will eventually move on to the Major 1, albeit teams that performed poorly will have lower CDL points. At the end of the major a grand finale between the loser and winner groups will take place:

Group Stage

  • Played online
  • Five matches per team
  • Best of 5 Series
  • All teams qualify for offline bracket stage


  • Teams are seeded by Stage 1's placement:
  • Group 1st - 8th: Winners Round 1
  • Group 9th - 12th: Losers Round 1
  • All matches (excl. Grand Finals) are Bo5
  • Grand Final is Bo9

You can read the CDL 2022 updated ruleset article for more information about the tournament's format and restrictions.

Teams will participate in a series of online matches over the next two weeks to decide their seeding for Major One, which will be hosted by OpTic Texas between March 3-6.

Results and standings of CDL 2022: Stage 1 Week 1

Friday, Feb. 4

New York Subliners vs. Seattle Surge

Seattle win 3-0

  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-171 Seattle
  • Bocage Search and Destroy: 6-5 Seattle
  • Gavutu Control: 3-2 Seattle

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Boston Breach

Boston win 3-2

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-237 Los Angeles
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-3 Boston
  • Gavutu Control: 3-2 Boston
  • Berlin Hardpoint: 250-214 Los Angeles
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-4 Boston

Florida Mutineers vs. London Royal Ravens

London win 3-0

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-119 London
  • Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-1 London
  • Gavutu Control: 3-1 London

Saturday, Feb. 5

New York Subliners vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas

Los Angeles win 3-1

  • Berlin Hardpoint: 250-158 Los Angeles
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-0 Los Angeles
  • Tuscan Control: 3-2 New York
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-235 Los Angeles

Toronto Ultra vs. Seattle Surge

Seattle win 3-2

  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-159 Seattle
  • Bocage Search and Destroy: 6-1 Seattle
  • Gavutu Control: 3-2 Toronto
  • Berlin Hardpoint: 250-142 Toronto
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-5 Seattle

OpTic Texas vs. London Royal Ravens

London win 3-2

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 188-163 OpTic
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-5 OpTic
  • Tuscan Control: 3-1 London
  • Berlin Hardpoint: 250-150 London
  • Bocage Search and Destroy: 6-5 London

Atlanta FaZe vs. Paris Legion

Atlanta win 3-2

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-218 Paris
  • Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-3 Atlanta
  • Gavutu Control: 3-1 Paris
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-174 Atlanta
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-1 Atlanta

Sunday, Feb. 6

OpTic Texas vs. Minnesota RØKKR

Minnesota win 3-2

  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-157 OpTic
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-1 Minnesota
  • Tuscan Control: 3-2 OpTic
  • Berlin Hardpoint: 250-244 Minnesota
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-5 Minnesota

Atlanta FaZe vs. Los Angeles Thieves

Atlanta win 3-1

  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-248 Los Angeles
  • Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-4 Atlanta
  • Tuscan Control: 3-0 Atlanta
  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-136 Atlanta

Florida Mutineers vs. Paris Legion

Florida win 3-1

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-200 Florida
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-5 Paris
  • Gavutu Control: 3-2 Florida
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-140 Florida

Currently, London Royal Ravens, Seattle Surge and last year’s winners, the legendary Atlanta FaZe, are reigning supreme with 2-0 score count over their opponents.

Toronto Ultra, the winner of the Kickoff Classic lost their match against Seattle Surge. The two teams faced each other in the finale of Kickoff Classic and Toronto beat their opponents 3-1. Despite this, it looks like the tables have turned on Toronto. Maybe it was hype, maybe it was because of the hastily put together format of Kickoff Classic. We’ll see in the upcoming weeks.

Image via CDL

Stay tuned for our CDL 2022 Stage 1 schedule and betting odds for this week.

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