2022 CBLOL Split 2 Week 6 update, schedule and betting odds

The second half of the CBLOL 2022 Split 2 regular season has begun with its first matches. The first rematches were played with Flamengo Los Grandes, Miners and paiN Gaming taking their revenge. If you are looking for a place to get updated about Brazil’s League of Legends, join us to take a look at the fifth week.

As of now, three teams are tied for first place in CBLOL: FURIA Esports, paiN Gaming and RED Canids with eight wins and two losses. With five wins and five losses, KaBuM!, Liberty and LOUD follow them. Miners and Flamengo Los Grandes are very close to playoffs with a record of 4-6. One or two wins could get them the qualification they pursue.

CBLOL 2022 Split 2 Week 5

Grevthar’s superb form continued as RED Canids defeated INTZ in the first game of the week. 20-5 overall score in 27 minutes looked incredible. Following that, FURIA Esports crushed LOUD after fNb got his hands on Olaf and played 11-3-5. fNb’s unstoppable performance secured the victory and the first place for FURIA.

Liberty took down the already poor Rensga Esports with ease, 19-5. paiN Gaming were able to outclass Flamengo, thanks to a great Viego performance from CarioK who’s been having a great split so far. Finally, KaBuM! played the second Olaf of the day which brought them the win over Miners to close the day.

Flamengo Los Grandes faced LOUD who defeated them on the first day of the season but they were prepared better for this time. Although LOUD was ahead 20-16, Flamengo somehow managed to turned it around, especially because of Tay’s great Gwen performance. Miners also defeated Liberty following that, and these two wins were very important as they got Flamengo and Miners closer to the playoffs.

FURIA Esports took on KaBuM! e-Sports in the third match of the day. fNb was on fire once again on Kayle, playing 9-1-5 while leading his team to victory. FURIA secured it 17-7 in 34 minutes. INTZ played Rensga Esports without any struggle and won in 28 minutes with 16-1.

The best game of the week was the last one: while we expected a close game, we witnessed total domination. CBLOL offers great entertainment with matches like this, and you can visit Luckbox if you want to keep track of the league. Just if you want to place bets on the games and get your 100% bonus.

The last game of the day was paiN Gaming vs RED Canids and it was more one-sided than anyone expected. Trigo was 8-0-10 on Twitch while paiN crushed RED Canids 25-3, securing all objectives around the map and winning any team fight they can. Thanks to this result, paiN tied for first place and managed to catch up with RED Canids.

CBLOL 2022 Split 2 current standings

Check out the standings before moving on to the schedule:

CBLOL 2022 Split 2 Week 6 schedule and betting odds

Here is the schedule for the sixth week:

Saturday, July 16
RED Canids (1.05) vs Rensga Esports (8.00) - 18:00 CEST
paiN Gaming (1.30) vs LOUD (3.20) - 19:00 CEST
Flamengo Los Grandes (2.50) vs KaBuM! e-Sports (1.45) - 20:00 CEST
Liberty (2.50) vs FURIA Esports (1.48) - 21:00 CEST
INTZ (2.90) vs Miners (1.38) - 22:00 CEST

Sunday, July 17
Rensga Esports (8.00) vs paiN Gaming (1.05) - 18:00 CEST
Miners (3.60) vs RED Canids (1.25) - 19:00 CEST
FURIA Esports (1.08) vs INTZ (6.60) - 20:00 CEST
KaBuM! e-Sports (1.70) vs LOUD (2.00) - 21:00 CEST
Flamengo Los Grandes (2.30) vs Liberty (1.55) - 22:00 CEST

We will have a relatively quiet week, as FURIA, RED and paiN won’t face off each other. However, they have important matches against the teams that are placed in the middle of the table. There is also a chance of catching up with the mid-placed teams for Miners and Flamengo. Although their chances are low, stealing a 2-0 week away from their opponents could do wonders for them.