CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Week 8 schedule and betting odds

Only two weeks are left for CBLOL Split 1’s regular season to finish and teams are fighting to get their playoffs spots locked in. Although they lost one this week, FURIA Esports is one of the leaders in the league and guaranteed to make the playoffs. RED Canids and KaBuM! caught FURIA, and will try to steal the first place now.

Amongst the bottom teams in CBLOL, INTZ, Rensga and Flamengo are behind and their chances are too low, but finding some impossible wins last week, paiN is so close to making it. They are missing only one win, but the problem is, they won’t be facing any of their direct opponents. They will hold on to that hope and try to give their best in the following weeks.

CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Week 7 recap

On the first day of the seventh week, FURIA Esports defeated paiN Gaming in a very close match. Fed Zeri of FURIA fought with a fed Jinx of paiN, but the better team won in the end. Following that, LOUD found a very significant win against Liberty, as they had a 0-2 week last time. Flamengo and INTZ fought at the bottom of the league, with Flamengo utilizing Jinx greatly, getting a win against a very good Gnar.

Netshoes Miners played against Rensga, and put up one of their best performances lately. With a 10-1-7 Jayce and 8-3-8 Diana, they were totally unstoppable. KaBuM! vs RED Canids of the day was postponed due to heavy rains, and it was played after the week’s end. Wiz helped his team get the win with a 9-1-9 Lee Sin performance, opening the gates for their carries.

The second day started with INTZ vs LOUD. Robo played an amazing Tristana, leading his team with 7-1-11 and 100% KP, and LOUD got the win in 25 minutes with 18-5. paiN Gaming found a 1-1 week after a very close one against Flamengo, defeating them 19-12 in 35 minutes. RED Canids joined the teams that won with a fed Jinx in CBLOL, and there were an unexpectedly high number of those, 10-2-8 Jinx helped his team get the victory in 33 minutes.

KaBuM! destroyed the underperforming Liberty, with yet another strong Lee Sin performance from Wiz, 8-1-10. The last game of the day became the most surprising victory of the week. With an 18-2-7 Caitlyn and 1-2-24 Renata Glasc, Rensga punished FURIA overlooking these champions.

CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Week 8 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week at CBLOL below:

Saturday, 12 March
Netshoes Miners (1.82) vs Liberty (1.88) - 17:00 CET
Flamengo Esports (1.70) vs Rensga Esports (2.00) - 18:00 CET
LOUD (1.78) vs KaBuM! e-Sports (1.92) - 19:00 CET
FURIA Esports (1.92) vs RED Canids (1.78) - 20:00 CET
INTZ (2.80) vs paiN Gaming (1.40) - 21:00 CET

Sunday, 13 March
KaBuM! e-Sports (1.48) vs Netshoes Miners (2.50) - 17:00 CET
Rensga Esports (1.62) vs INTZ (2.20) - 18:00 CET
RED Canids (1.25) vs Flamengo Esports (3.60) - 19:00 CET
paiN Gaming (2.15) vs LOUD (1.65) - 20:00 CET
Liberty (2.50) vs FURIA Esports (1.48) - 21:00 CET

The playoffs race is getting heated up in CBLOL: Netshoes Miners will face Liberty in the first game. It is hard to determine a favourite, both these teams have very close performances recently. The loser of this series might also lose their playoff spot to paiN, so they will be extra focused. LOUD will face KaBuM!, there is only one victory between these two teams so it’s another close one. LOUD won the first match between them, they will try to repeat that success.

Following that, FURIA will face RED Canids. RED, LOUD and KBM will all secure playoffs with one or two wins this week, so they will be extra careful and extra focused. As they won the first match, RED Canids have the upper hand, but it’s still a very close one.

On the second day, paiN Gaming will face their first tough challenge to find a place in the playoffs. If they defeat LOUD, they will have a significant advantage over Netshoes Miners and Liberty, as they both face stronger opponents that day.

Check out the current standings at CBLOL 2022 Split 1 below:

Placements Teams Scores
1 FURIA Esports 10-4
1 KaBuM! e-Sports 10-4
1 RED Canids 10-4
4 LOUD 9-5
5 Liberty 7-7
5 Netshoes Miners 7-7
7 paiN Gaming 6-8
8 Flamengo Esports 4-10
8 Rensga Esports 4-10
10 INTZ 3-11


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