CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Week 2 schedule and betting odds

Brazilian major League of Legends competition CBLOL Split 1 will continue with week two, with week one being a treat. With KaBuM!, Netshoes Miners and RED Canids having the perfect week while Flamengo, INTZ and Rensga getting stuck at the bottom, week two will see great clashes between teams that want to stay in the title race.

The first week also had its first unfortunate strike with paiN Gaming’s Covid cases, however, their games were postponed and played this Thursday and Friday, and the players are healthy. So, no harm was done. At Week 2, we have some great matchups, but first, let’s summarize what happened in Week 1 and relive the best moments together.

CBLOL Split 1 Week 1 recap

After the postponement of paiN Gaming’s games, Split 1 started with LOUD vs FURIA, with the former emerging victorious in a very long and close game. In the end, it was a 39 minutes long game with the score of 19-17. Although LOUD had the control objective-wise, they weren’t able to end it.

We then saw a clean win from Netshoes Miners against Flamengo, and KaBuM! also destroyed INTZ in a game that meant so much for oldschool CBLOL fans. Last game of the day was Rensga vs RED Canids, and RED turned it around from almost getting their Nexus destroyed! Gango’s amazing Gwen play which turned into a pentakill helped RED get the win out of nowhere.

On the second day, Liberty started by defeating Rensga, RED Canids took their second win by defeating LOUD and Netshoes Miners secured their 2-0 with defeating INTZ, which had zero wins.

Last game of the day was Flamengo vs FURIA Esports, and FURIA secured the win after a very close game. Watch the last teamfight:

Beloved team from Brazil, paiN played their matches a bit later. First, they defeated Liberty, but on Friday, KaBuM! kept their good performance going and defeated paiN to secure the late 2-0.

CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Week 2 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for week two below:

Saturday, 29 January

RED Canids vs Liberty - 17.00 CET
Netshoes Miners vs paiN Gaming - 18.00 CET
KaBuM! e-Sports vs Rensga Esports - 19.00 CET
FURIA Esports (1.17) vs INTZ (4.40) - 20.00 CET
LOUD vs Flamengo Esports - 21.00 CET

Sunday, 30 January

RED Canids vs KaBuM! e-Sports - 17.00 CET
Liberty vs LOUD - 18.00 CET
Rensga Esports vs Netshoes Miners - 19.00 CET
paiN Gaming vs FURIA Esports - 20.00 CET
INTZ (1.78) vs Flamengo Esports (1.92) - 21.00 CET

As you can see from the standings below, KaBuM!, Netshoes and RED Canids have claimed the top of the league and won’t plan on giving that up. On the first day, paiN will challenge NMG, and INTZ will face FURIA to get their first win of the season.

Moving on to the second day, it starts with a very important matchup: two 2-0 teams are clashing at RED vs KaBuM!. Keep an eye on their results from Saturday, as that might critically affect the result of this game. At the end of the week, INTZ and Flamengo will face each other, and they will have to perform well if they want to stay relevant.

CBLOL Split 1 Week 1 standings

Placement Team Score
1 KaBuM! e-Sports 2-0
1 Netshoes Miners 2-0
1 RED Canids  2-0
4 FURIA Esports 1-1
4 Liberty 1-1
4 LOUD 1-1
4 paiN Gaming 1-1
8 Flamengo Esports 0-2
8 INTZ 0-2
8 Rensga Esports 0-2


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