CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs update: paiN Gaming in the grand finals

Another weekend has passed by in Brazil’s League of Legends competition CBLOL, and the first finalist of the 2022 Split 1 Playoffs is paiN Gaming. Coming from a rough regular season, paiN Gaming is making the dream come true after defeating KaBuM! 3-0 in the semifinals and booking themselves a place in the grand final.

On the other side of the bracket, RED Canids managed to take down Liberty even if it took five games to do that. They’ve become the next opponent of FURIA Esports this weekend, and the winner of that match will face KaBuM! in the last match before the grand final. The schedule effectively means that paiN Gaming is on a 20-day break, that they should make use of.

Last weekend on CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs

We witnessed two great series last weekend, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. First, RED Canids faced Liberty in the lower bracket to keep their hopes of making finals alive.

Liberty actually started from the lower bracket according to the format, while RED Canids lost to KaBuM! and got sent here. In the first game, Liberty orchestrated a strong game plan around their jungler, and even TitaN’s 4-1-2 Jinx wasn’t able to stop them. However, RED Canids was quick on their feet to answer, and with a 21-7 victory with all their carries immensely fed, they tied the series.

RED managed to find the advantage in the next game, following another incredible performance from Aegis. However, Liberty wasn’t going down without a fight, tying the series once again with Matsukaze’s 6-0-4 Miss Fortune. Matsukaze played incredibly well during the fifth game too with his 8-3-4 Jhin but RED Canids proved to be stronger, with a 5-1-12 Viktor and 9-1-8 Miss Fortune. You can check the fifth game below:

We watch the first semifinals match in the CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs next. After a miracle run where they were able to get themselves to start in the winners bracket, paiN Gaming faced one of the best teams from the regular season, KaBuM! e-Sports.

paiN made use of their strong laning skills in the first game with Lucian on top, Vex on mid and Jinx - Nautilus on bot lane. It took them around 33 minutes to take down KaBuM! with 20-9, and start well. The next game, it was even better for paiN as KBM struggled to find answers for them in the solo lanes, where Parang was playing a 0-9-3 Kennen and Hauz played a 3-7-3 Viktor.

Even though KBM’s bot lane didn’t fall behind too much during these games, the difference from the solo lanes were so big that it was impossible for the bot lane to carry the games, although they managed to take the second game to 40 minutes by making paiN struggle until the end.

However, in the third game, paiN dismantled the bot lane as well, and with Parang on 1-5-2 Gnar, Hauz on 2-4-3 Syndra and Disave on 1-6-0 Aphelios, KaBuM! didn’t stand any chance against Wizer’s monstrous 11-1-8 Kennen performance.

CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs schedule for this weekend

This week, we will witness the lower bracket final, or semifinals if you prefer. KaBuM! are waiting for their opponent which will be decided on Saturday, between FURIA and RED Canids.

Saturday, April 9
FURIA Esports (1.62) vs RED Canids (2.15) - 18:00 CEST

Sunday, April 10
KaBuM! e-Sports vs FUR/RED - 18:00 CEST

Image via CBLOL

FURIA will face RED, and the former’s advantages over the latter is reflected on the betting odds. Not only did FURIA have a better regular season, they were able to take two games from paiN while RED couldn’t take a single one from KaBuM! during the first round, and KBM was almost eliminated by Liberty last weekend. Additionally, FURIA defeated RED Canids twice during the regular season.

Of course, in League of Legends esports, when all the evidence suggests towards a single team, the chances of an upset also get higher as there is always the element of surprise, or complacency, if you want to take it to a more psychological level.

The winner will be facing KaBuM! and for that series there’s no particular favourite as such. If FURIA wins, they are very close to KBM, and if RED wins, as they defeated FURIA and got the morale boost, they will have an extra advantage. However, keep in mind that FUR and RED will have to play two series in one week, while KaBuM! will have to play a single one, on Sunday.

If you are interested, check out the games, watch them live and even place your bets on your favourite if you’d like, all on Luckbox.