CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs schedule and betting odds

After an incredible regular season with lots of ups and downs, CBLOL is moving on to its playoffs stage. Robo’s LOUD was eliminated at the last minute, while paiN Gaming improved from being a bottom team to finishing fourth in just a few weeks. Let’s check out what happened and move on to the playoffs schedule.

By stealing the first place from FURIA Esports, KaBuM! e-Sports finished on top, FURIA, RED and paiN followed them in top four. Netshoes Miners and Liberty managed to secure their playoffs spots, but they will start from the losers’ bracket. Find more details below.

CBLOL 2022 Split 1 is over

The last week started with paiN Gaming defeating Rensga Esports, a win that they had to get in order to have a playoffs chance. Following that, the titans fought and KaBuM! defeated FURIA to secure first place. A 16-3 defeat must have hurt FURIA deeply. INTZ showed a performance that deserves recognition against RED Canids, however, although they were ahead in the score, RED stole the win. If not, they could have problems making the playoffs.

Netshoes Miners fought LOUD in another important match, marking their third win in a row and securing playoffs for them. The following day, Liberty outclassed INTZ, and LOUD did the same to Rensga. FURIA Esports defeated Netshoes Miners in a game with lots of scores for a 34 minutes long match. KaBuM! easily took down Flamengo, and everyone was ready for the last game of the day, the game which would decide the fate of playoffs.

paiN Gaming’s carries took their job seriously in this one. Tryndamere was 8-0-5, Ahri was 6-0-11 and Ezreal was 5-0-8 in the end, while they took down a very strong RED Canids. This result meant that paiN was in the playoffs, and LOUD was not.

Check out the standings below:

Placements Teams Scores Playoffs
1 KaBuM! e-Sports 13-5 Upper Bracket
2 FURIA Esports 12-6 Upper Bracket
3 RED Canids 11-7 Upper Bracket
4 paiN Gaming 10-8 Upper Bracket
5 Netshoes Miners 10-8 Lower Bracket
6 Liberty 10-8 Lower Bracket
7 LOUD 10-8 Out
8 Rensga Esports 6-12 Out
9 Flamengo Esports 5-13 Out
10 INTZ 3-15 Out


It is very hard to decide on something when comparing teams in CBLOL. FURIA Esports and KaBuM! are undoubtedly the best, but are there a lot of differences between them and the rest of the league? Hard question. The problem is, although they make mistakes and they aren’t perfect, the other playoff participants are also the same. paiN Gaming managed to make the playoffs on the last day while LOUD blew a 10-8 score.

If you decide that the top two aren't too strong, that means the rest of the teams are even worse. So, it’s hard to make predictions about the playoffs. Probably the teams that start from the upper bracket will have a better chance, but as always, CBLOL offers total chaos. We don’t know who’s going to be the champion, once again.

CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs schedule and betting odds

The playoffs will start with the following matches:

Lower Bracket
Netshoes Miners (1.60) vs Liberty (2.20) - March 25, 17:00 CET

Round 1
KaBuM! (1.60) vs RED Canids (2.20) - March 26, 17:00 CET
FURIA (1.75) vs paiN (1.98) - March 27, 17:00 CET

CBLOL follows a schedule that is similar to the LEC playoffs. The grand final will be played on April 23, and the winner will be representing their region, Brazil, at MSI 2022.

Additionally, they will take the $17,555 prize money home.

KaBuM! and FURIA looked very strong during the regular season, but very vulnerable also. With their rising form, paiN is the closest team to make an upset happen here. However, RED Canids looks just like KBM and FUR, and although their strength is comparable, there are doubts that if they can show something that could surprise their opponent, making an upset possible. You should keep in mind that in Brazil, there is always a chance.

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