CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs: After the first weekend

CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs has started with three amazing games, with two teams moving on to the semifinals and one team dropping out early. Let’s have a look at the games and try to find out what could happen this weekend.

FURIA Esports played the impressive paiN Gaming side this weekend, while RED Canids faced KaBuM! and in the lower bracket, Netshoes Miners played against Liberty. Netshoes Miners became the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs after a 3-0 loss whereas FURIA and RED dropped to the lower bracket.

The first round at CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Playoffs

Liberty started with a very strong performance in playoffs, demolishing Netshoes Miners and advancing to the next round. In the first game, a fed Orianna and Aphelios decided the fate of the game, while in the next one, a 7-1-11 Ryze was still the highlight, but the top lane joined the party with a strong Graves performance.

After a 35 minutes long 18-6 victory in the third game, Liberty sealed the deal, and we moved on to the next day’s KaBuM! vs RED.

KBM’s superstar jungler Wiz kept his good form from the regular season going against RED Canids, playing three amazing games that brought his team the victory. In the first game, Viz played a 5-1-6 Viego to lead his team, while a 4-1-10 Syndra and an untouched Zeri in the bot lane finished the job. Following that, all three lanes of KBM had a perfect game, 6-2-6 Akali, 3-1-2 Viego, 3-0-5 Viktor, 4-1-0 Aphelios and 0-2-9 Nautilus.

Finally, RED Canids was able to fight back in the third game, but that only led to KBM retaliating even harder. A 29-18 victory finished 3-0 for KBM, with a great performance on Rumble, Ryze and Aphelios.

The first game saw a paiN Gaming that utterly destroyed FURIA, an incredible show-off. 11-2-6 Jayce and 4-2-11 Twisted Fate got the job done together, while FURIA had to rely on Envy to bring them a win next game, with his 8-1-6 LeBlanc performance in a very close (18-18) game.

Third one also went to the side of FURIA with yet another close score. With 21-16, fNb definitely turned the Jax counter pick against Tryndamere from paiN around and managed to carry his team while Jax got stuck with 2-7-2. In a 39 minute long game, paiN tied the series. It was another close one, but their ADC with a 8-1-2 Xayah was the difference.

The fifth and final game saw a strong performance from paiN while FURIA failed to answer. It took 40 minutes for paiN to close the game, but it was 17-7 in the end, with a 5-1-8 Viego, 1-0-12 Twisted Fate and 8-0-3 Ezreal. FURIA was totally outclassed by paiN Gaming that got the latter into the playoffs at the last minute, and they will now compete from the lower bracket.

Schedule for the next phase

What will happen now is that we will watch two games this week, one game the week after that, and we will have a two weeks of break before the grand final on April 23. Check out the schedule for this week below:

Round 2
RED Canids vs Liberty - Saturday, April 2 at 18:00 CET

KaBuM! e-Sports vs paiN Gaming - Sunday, April 3 at 18:00 CET

Image courtesy of CBLOL

RED Canids showed a better performance than Liberty throughout the regular season, but Liberty took down Netshoes Miners 3-0 while RED had a shockingly devastating result against KBM in the first round. The winner will have to take on FURIA too, so they have a long way ahead of them.

Winner of KBM vs PNG will have 20 days of break before the grand final. paiN Gaming has been climbing hard throughout the regular season and the playoffs, and although KaBuM! looked strong, paiN proved that they are able to take down any enemy they face. Considering the stats and circumstances, KaBuM! is the favourite, but if you take the history of LoL and the upsets in esports into account, it’s hard to determine a favourite here.

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