CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Grand Final weekend schedule and betting odds

It is time for the end at CBLOL 2022 Split 1, the playoffs are almost over with a single match remaining: paiN Gaming vs RED Canids. They weren’t the favourites and this game definitely wasn’t expected, but here we are. These two teams are the grand finalists and only one of them will represent the A Auriverde at MSI 2022.

paiN Gaming and RED Canids haven't faced each other before in the playoffs, as paiN made it to finals directly through the winners bracket and RED did the opposite, after taking a loss against KaBuM! on their very first series, a heart-breaking 3-0 loss. RED Canids were able to come back from such a poor stage and became the opponent of paiN Gaming, another underdog.

Schedule and betting odds for the grand final

Check out the date and time for the last game in CBLOL 2022 Split 1 below:

paiN Gaming (1.65) vs RED Canids (2.15) - Saturday, April 23, 18:00 CEST

As mentioned earlier, no one expected paiN Gaming to be here. During week 5, paiN was 3-7 and seventh place, two wins behind of Netshoes Miners. 4 weeks later, paiN made it to the fourth place in one week, leaving behind the 10-8 LOUD. paiN kept their good form going into the playoffs, and after defeating FURIA Esports 3-2, their morale was obviously boosted and they took down KaBuM! as well, moving on to the finals with a 3-0 victory. That game was played on April 3, and paiN hasn’t played a single official series since then.

RED Canids, however, had a different story. They were better than the rest of the league for the most part, considered to be the third best team after FURIA and KaBuM!, although the difference was clear. Following a 3-0 defeat against KBM, their chances were even lower. However, they took down Liberty, FURIA and KaBuM! one by one to book their tickets to finals. Their last game was on April 10, which means a 13-day break for them as well.

Although it wasn’t expected, considering their playoffs performances, both these teams deserved to be here and represent Brazil at MSI 2022. The breaks between the semifinals and finals is definitely a subject of debate and it could affect the outcome of this series. Will they be positively affected or will they suffer from not being able to play for a long time?

paiN’s main weapon will be their mid laner dyNquedo, 8.91 KDA in 8 games. RED Canids will trust their jungler Aegis, 5.44 KDA in 16 games. We will most likely see Lee Sin and Zeri picked or banned, but if any of these teams make use of Ahri better than the other side, they could have the upper hand, proved by the playoffs games in other leagues.

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