caPs vs. Faker - West vs. East

MSI 2022 is witnessing one of the greatest competitions recently: caPs vs Faker. On one hand, caPs is the most successful player in the West, and his peak is compared to that of Eastern players. On the other hand, Faker is the best player in the history of League of Legends, but his quality was declining for a few years now. Before the game tomorrow, let’s have a look at how these players are showing up in Busan.

While caPs does have some rivalries, such as Perkz and Rekkles, he has proved himself to be the best player in the West with his skill and achievements. Faker have also been challenged by many players like ShowMaker and Chovy, and although he is not the best player mechanically, he turned himself into something else: while he is just after those mechanic gods in terms of skill, he is also an in-game leader, a familiar role from FPS games.

caPs - the Western GOAT

Image via Riot Games

Looking at his career in detail, caPs came to a European scene that was dominated by G2 Esports and Perkz, and even during his first year, he was able to take down Perkz while not being able to get Fnatic a better place. caPs’ domination started in 2018 and for many, he hasn’t dropped the gimmick of “Best in the West” since then. After making Worlds 2018 finals with Fnatic, 2019 was an even better year for him, he won MSI 2019 and made it to finals at Worlds 2019 with G2 Esports.

His rivalry and domination over the Unkillable Demon King also started around then. caPs defeated Faker twice in group stage and in the semi-finals of MSI 2019, and went even further by eliminating him from Worlds 2019. Thus, he earned a 8-3 score over Faker, but the rivalry had to stay there. Because of T1’s unstable performances and G2 Esports’ fall during 2021, they had to wait until MSI 2022 to play against each other.

Atlhough his performance dropped significantly during the past few years, caPs really did come back during 2022, particularly during LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs. He was carrying his team, leading G2 to victory and giving us the caPs we know, not the player who at some point had the worst stats overall between mid laners during LEC 2021 Summer.

caPs played Ahri, LeBlanc and Corki the most in 2022, with Ahri and LeBlanc being still in the meta. We might as well see him play those champions once again. 23 solo kill count, 505.8 damage per minute, 4.3 KDA even when G2 Esports had a rough patch during part of LEC 2022 Spring, caPs really does look strong for this best of five against T1.

Faker - League of Legends GOAT

Image via Riot Games

Undoubtedly the best player to ever play League of Legends, Faker is not just a strong player but he is also a strong leader with history and experience. Even his presence within the team strengthens them. After the disappointment of Worlds 2017, Faker had to go through the worst phase T1 has ever been during 2018 and experience the thrill of success once again in 2019, only to be stopped by caPs twice.

G2 Esports - Damwon Gaming rivalry is voiced a lot because of how DWG managed to make it to several international tournaments, but T1 and G2 also have a story that is unfinished. Faker is coming to get his revenge: G2 Esports and caPs were there to stop him when he could claim his crown and throne back. He will never forget what happened, and he will do whatever it takes to crush G2.

After 2019, Faker turned into a different player. There were significantly better players in terms of skill in LCK, but if they were 9/10, Faker was 8/10. His advantage was his experience and his great humble character that allowed him to pass his learnings onto his young teammates. That recipe looked solid on paper, but it didn’t work when DWG KIA crushed LCK and T1 repeatedly. In the middle of the LCK 2021 Summer, T1 made a decision.

They changed the coaching staff, they put Faker as the sole leader of the team, surrounded by the best youngsters. They decided to give him more freedom and use his leadership, which T1 used to get to the semi-finals of Worlds 2021 and almost take down DWG KIA, a series which ended 3-2. They were even stronger this year as the favourite of LCK, and came to MSI 2022 with a 20-0 win streak.

This new Faker looks scary, especially as there are great players around him, having both the skills and the mental capabilities that professional League of Legends requires. Even then, Faker has 5.2 KDA, 494.3 damage per minute, 23 solo kills and played Ahri and LeBlanc the most, the champions that could crush the enemy and lead his team to victory. He is not just an IGL, he is also a strong mid laner,  allowing his team to carry and amplify their strength.

T1 vs G2 Esports coming up

After G2 Esports shocked T1 in the first game of MSI 2022 Rumble Stage. T1 found an answer and stomped G2 in their rematch, making it 1-1. They are playing tomorrow:

May 28, Saturday
T1 (1.20) vs G2 Esports (4.20) - 10:00 CEST

T1 naturally stands out as the favourite even though they dropped some games during the best of one phase of MSI 2022. However, G2 Esports also thrived during the best of fives in the LEC, so they might have some tricks to pull an upset over T1. Either way, it’s going to be an unforgettable series.

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