Can valde bring success to ENCE in ESL Pro League Season 16?

ENCE is one of the strongest teams in Group C and they can definitely advance to the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 16. However, ENCE has two new names in its roster; SunPayus and valde.

Today we will focus on what valde's joining can change for the team, and if we should expect performance improvement or worsening.

Valde joins the team to replace Spinx

Lotan "Spinx" Giladi has been on ENCE's roster since early 2021. In August 2022, he moved to Team Vitality. Frankly, Spinx has accomplished a lot with ENCE. One of their greatest achievements together was the ESL Pro League Season 15 runner-up. Since our topic today is ESL Pro League Season 16, the pressure on valde is actually great.

They were in the quarterfinals in the 14th season of the ESL Pro League and 9th-12th in the 13th season. In short, ENCE, along with Spinx, was performing on the rise in the ESL Pro League. They also reached the semifinals at the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. They managed to make a name for themselves in the other tournaments they participated in as well. ENCE's roster no longer has Spinx, and valde has joined the roster instead of Spinx.

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Spinx | Credit: ENCE

Valde is a seasoned CS:GO player

Valdemar "valde" Vangså has been involved in CS:GO esports since 2016. He achieved one of his greatest successes to date with OG. OG, with Valde, finished second in Flashpoint Season 2. They also advanced to the semifinals of ESL Pro League Season 14. As you can see, he is a player hungry for success.

He also had notable success while on North. They placed first at DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018. ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017, Esports Championship Series Season 6 and 7 semifinals are also among the important experiences of valde. Also while he was on North's roster, they finished first at DreamHack Open Valencia 2018, DreamHack Open Tours 2018 and DreamHack Open Montreal 2017. Currently, valde's new goal is the ESL Pro League Season 16 title.

Valde | Credit: ESL Gaming GmbH

Will ENCE be able to achieve success with valde?

We can say that valde has been performing in a downward trajectory recently compared to his old days. So much so that his last significant success came in February 2022 by entering the top three of BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 together with OG. However, we know that he certainly has the ability to turn that around. With SunPayus on the roster as well, ENCE can put on an amazing performance in ESL Pro League Season 16. Anyway, at first glance, I can say that Spinx seems more beneficial to ENCE's roster than valde. However, Spinx is no longer on the team. Valde should do his best.

Their group includes Heroic, Astralis, MOUZ, Complexity and HEET. We also mentioned it in the article we wrote for group C of ESL Pro League Season 16. In our opinion, Astralis completes the group first. MOUZ, on the other hand, is the strongest candidate for the second place. ENCE and Heroic will have a great competition for the third place and we think Heroic will be the winner of it.

We hope the new signings will give us a surprising performance and we can see ENCE in the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 16. In a group full of strong opponents, it will not be easy for ENCE.

Do you think ENCE will become more successful than before with SunPayus and valde or do you expect a decrease in their performance? Follow Luckbox and let's find out the answer together.