Can blameF lead his team Astralis to victory?

The 16th season of ESL Pro League, one of the most popular tournament series of CS:GO, started on August 31. Group B is being played these days in ESL Pro League Season 16. Today, we will take a look at Group C, which will start on September 14.

One of the most talented players in Group C is Benjamin "blameF" Bremer from Astralis. Let's see if Astralis, together with blameF, can achieve victory.

For those who don't know, who is blameF?

BlameF is a Danish professional CS:GO player born in 1997. He has been on the roster of Astralis since November of 2021 and they have accomplished a lot together. His biggest success so far was when he played for Complexity Gaming, winning the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals.

Teams played:

  • Aquiver eSports
  • Great Danes
  • Epsilon eSports
  • Heroic
  • Complexity Gaming
  • Astralis (Present)

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blameF | Credit: NextGen Tech, LLC

How does blameF perform on Astralis?

Astralis did not get any titles in the last year with blameF, but they were easily noticed in the tournaments they participated. Their greatest achievement in this period was undoubtedly the IEM Cologne 2022 semifinals. They lost to NAVI in the semifinals of IEM Cologne 2022. In the Pinnacle Cup Championship, although they reached the grand final, they could not do much against Heroic and finished second in the tournament. They also finished third in BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021. Apart from these, it is really interesting that they rise to a certain level in many tournaments and never become a champion.

While there are many talented players on the Astralis roster, it is certainly possible to say that blameF is the star of the team. He outperforms his teammates in most matches. Of course, that doesn't mean his teammates are bad, it just means that blameF has been on the upswing recently.

How far will Astralis with blameF go in ESL Pro League Season 16?

Astralis' rivals in Group C are ENCE, Heroic, MOUZ, Complexity and HEET. Frankly, when we look at the teams in the group, we can say that Astralis is the favourite and has a high probability of completing the group in the first place.

One of the biggest reasons why we estimate in this direction is due to blameF. Because especially ENCE, Heroic and MOUZ are teams that can give Astralis a hard time, but blameF against these teams will be a great advantage for Astralis. In short, blameF is definitely a player who can change the balance in the group.

If you ask me, after the group stage, Astralis will make it to the semifinals if blameF performs well, and to the quarterfinals if he performs average.

Let's see if blameF can win their first championship with Astralis. Actually, this seems a bit difficult. However, we have no doubt that they will do their best. You can learn the answer to this question by following Luckbox.