Campeonato Sudamericano 2022 - Stage 1 weekly schedule & predictions

We are fast approaching the end of Sudamericano 2022 - Stage 1, This week sees the end of the South American league which paves way to Copa Elite Six, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Rainbow Six Siege ecosystem before the Six Invitational. It is safe to say that the South American region is its stronghold where most powerful teams emerge.

Let’s take a look at how the teams stand before the conclusion of Rainbow Six Sudamericano 2022 - Stage 1.

In the championship, which will last until April 8, eight teams from South America will compete for two seeds to Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1. Teams finishing 1st to 2nd will qualify for Copa Elite Six - Season 2022: Stage 1. The bottom 6 teams will go to Supercopa LATAM Sur.

Results & Standings

Here are the current standings after the conclusion of Playday 5.

# Teams Record
1. Pampas 4-0-1-0
2. Leviatán 3-1-0-1
3. Furious Gaming 3-0-1-1
4. Malvinas Gaming 3-0-0-2
5. Nocturns 1-1-0-3
6. Maycam Evolve 1-1-0-3
7. Newstar 1-0-1-3
8. Hawks 1-0-0-4    


Schedule & betting odds

Teams that are highlighted in bold have the odds in favour. You can click on the dates to take yourself directly to the detailed match page, and watch the matches as they play out live.

Playday 6

Playday 7  

  • LEV Vs. Newstar (April 9, 2022 - 01:00 CEST)
  • MvG Vs. Furious Gaming (April 9, 2022 - 02:00 CEST)
  • NCT Vs. Maycam Evolve (April 9, 2022 - 03:00 CEST)
  • PMPS Vs. Hawks (April 9, 2022 - 04:00 CEST)

Pampas and Leviatán seem to be at the top of their game, and only teams left facing them are from the bottom of the pit, Newstar and Hawks. It is safe to say that with their current record, barring any last minute surprises they are ours and everyone’s top pick for the Copa Elite Six since there isn't any competition left that awaits them.