Campeonato Sudamericano 2022 - Stage 1 Playday 5 schedule and betting odds

Nowadays, the eyes of esports lovers are staring at Campeonato Sudamericano 2022. Excited Rainbox Six tournament is about to finish in three weeks. We will see the top two names in Copa Elite Six while the bottom 6 teams will qualify for the Supercopa LATAM Sur.

So far, Leviatán is on top by having 3 wins and 0 losses. It is followed by Pampas in second place and they also did not lose any match and won 3 times. Two teams are going to battle in Playday 5.

Playday 4

Fourth day of Campeonato Sudamericano 2022 was held on April 1. Results look like this:

Playday 4
MvG 3-7 PMPS


Pampas was the winner against Malvinas Gaming. The Argentine team Pampas was dominating the game and got an easy win for themselves. With that win, the team managed to finish in second place.

Another winning team Leviatán put its name on top of the tournament. The team has 11 points in total. Beating Nocturns by 7-3 score, Leviatán added another advantage for its place in the tournament.

Furious Gaming found its second win by beating Hawks 7-1. Match was dominated heavily by Furious and they only gave one round to their rival. Checking the standings, we see the name of Furious in third with 7 points.

Maycam Evolve was the winner of the last match against Newstar on Playday 4. The match ended with 8-7 score and it is understandable just from the score how the match was competitive.

Playday 5

On April 2, these matches will be held in Playday 5 of Campeonato Sudamericano 2022.

Maycam Evolve (3.30) vs Malvinas Gaming (1.28): 00:00 CET

Newstar (2.60) vs Furious Gaming (1.42): 01:00 CET

Pampas (1.72) vs Leviatán (2.00): 02:00 CET

Hawks (1.72) vs Nocturns (2.00): 03:00 CET

The first match of the day is Maycam vs Malvinas. Checking the schedule and points, Malvinas is one step ahead of Maycam by 6 points. Therefore, Malvinas have a +4 round difference. Malvinas has more potential than this so they will show it in this match by having a win.

For the Newstar and Furious Gaming match, it can be said that another easy win is coming for Furious. The team wants to do more than this in the tournament and they are ranked third. It is so critical for them to not lose a single point.

The match of the day will be held between Pampas and Leviatán. These two teams are the top 2 teams of the tournament. Therefore, they are the closest teams to go to Copa Elite Six. This big match may change everything about the possibilities. Even though Leviatán is on top, Pampas is going as the favourite of this match.

And the last match is Hawks against Nocturns. While Hawks is at seventh place with one win, Nocturns is at eight place without a single win. This match can be a chance for the Hawks to catch their second win.

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