Call of Duty League 2022: Stage 2 Major recap

It seems like everyone has their moment in CDL and the league is ever shifting since its start this year, with a new champion at every major.

But last weekend it was a historical moment for the Los Angeles Guerillas (LAG), an unsuspecting underdog, where the big titans such as OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe clashed, managed to snatch off the Major 2 championship right from under their noses with their consistent gameplay and coordination as a team. Moreover, this happened after the first instance of a lower bracket run (Loser’s Round) with 6 consecutive wins that include the major’s Grand Finals.

Let’s take a look at what transpired in last week’s Call of Duty League 2022: Stage 2 Major in our recap and analysis.

Results & Standings

Here are the current standings after the conclusion of Stage 2 Major.

Place Prize Team
1. $200,000 Los Angeles Guerrillas
2. $120,000 Atlanta FaZe
3. $80,000 Boston Breach
4. $40,000 Florida Mutineers
5. $10,000 OpTic Texas
6. $10,000 Seattle Surge
7. $5,000 Los Angeles Thieves
8. $5,000 London Royal Ravens
9.   Minnesota RØKKR
10.   New York Subliners
11.   Paris Legion
12.   Toronto Ultra


Player Awards

MVP: Spart – Los Angeles Guerillas

Recap and analysis

First things first, let’s start with the highlights of the Call of Duty League 2022: Stage 2 Major that might give you an idea of the aftermath.

Matches officially began on Thursday, March 31, with the Florida Mutineers taking on the London Royal Ravens and ended on April 4 with the finals.

  • Atlanta FaZe, last year’s CDL Champions lost 2-5 against Guerrillas in the Grand Finals.
  • OpTic Texas, last Major’s winners finished in 5th place with a somewhat disappointing result.
  • Guerrillas go on a record lower bracket run, winning six straight games.

Just weeks after OpTic Texas won the inaugural Major, all 12 teams were vying for the top slot once more. The Los Angeles Guerrillas won the second Major of the Call of Duty League 2022 season with a 5-2 victory over Atlanta FaZe at the Minnesota RKKR tournament. While Toronto Ultra,  Subliners and Paris Legion were left for dead at the bottom of the table, others enjoyed their finest games amongst the titans; Optic and Faze.

LAG made history with their 5-2 win against Atlanta Faze

Since the start of this Major, the Los Angeles Guerrillas have been considered underdogs, with Spart filling in for Gunless. However, he has played brilliantly and demonstrated that some teams may need to reconsider their lineup and may want to add him after Major 2.

FaZe totally dominated map one, with 250-135 Hardpoint on Gavutu.

LAG regained control of the game with their eighth Search and Destroy victory in a row. They won 6-4 on Bocage to tie the Grand Finals at 1-1. On Gavutu Control, the Guerrillas were dominant in their defensive rounds, and Asim clutched up in the last round to take a 2-1 series lead, signalling that they were coming for the championship prize and weren't out there playing against Atlanta Faze as a stroke of luck.

As Spart went 8/1 in their 6-1 SnD win LAG carried the energy and went with it, breaking the CDL record for most consecutive Search and Destroy wins with 9 games.

Simp kept Atlanta FaZe in the series alive with a 3-2 victory on Control, taking offence in the last round. Simp's clutch plays to break in and get on the point helped FaZe to prevent LAG from winning the series and force a rematch. The Los Angeles Guerrillas accomplished the inconceivable by winning the first-ever Major tournament from losers in round one, and yes they did it with a substitute.

The Los Angeles Guerrillas delivered an outstanding performance. In Winners Round One they were crushed 3-0 by Boston Breach before defeating Toronto Ultra 3-1 to begin their losers bracket run. They shocked the COD League again and again with a 3-0 victory over the London Royal Ravens. They struggled a bit against the Seattle Surge but managed to take that game home too. Finally, the Guerrillas overcame the Florida Mutineers 3-2, Boston Breach 3-2, and Atlanta FaZe 3-2 in the Grand Final.

Guess some defeats really turn into victories, and there’s nothing sweeter than watching an underdog win instead of history repeating itself.

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