Call of Duty League 2022 updated ruleset

CDL 2022 is about to kick off, and I mean for real this time, unlike last week’s Kickoff Classic showcase event. First qualifier matches for the Major I are beginning on February 4, with a match between London Royal Ravens and Florida Mutineers.

Here’s the latest version of the upcoming Call of Duty League’s Vanguard ruleset for 2022. In the early announcement there was a mention of a third competitive mode and it has been revealed that it’s going to be the Control game mode in addition to the all time classic; Search and Destroy and the recent years’ Hardpoint.

Map veto process has also been updated as of January 18, you can check out its details on CDL’s official website and read the complete rule book v1.2 for yourself. More important information can be read below.

CDL 2022 updated ruleset:


The Search and Destroy maps will be Tuscan, Bocage, Desert Siege, Berlin, and Demyansk. The Hardpoint maps are Tuscan, Bocage, Gavutu, Berlin, and Desert Siege. Latest addition Control will be played on Tuscan and Gavutu.

Game Mode Order

  • Game 1: Hardpoint
  • Game 2: Search and Destroy
  • Game 3: Control
  • Game 4: Hardpoint
  • Game 5: Search and Destroy

Restricted Items


  • No shotguns
  • No LMGs
  • No shields
  • No launchers

Weapon Attachments

  • No suppressors
  • No subsonic or incendiary ammunition

Equipment and Gadgets

  • Thrown Bomb, Demo Charge, Molotov, and Thermite
  • Stim, S-Mine, Decoy, and Gas Grenade

Perks and Loadout

  • Ghost and DauntlessTracker, High Alert, Forward Intel, and Piercing Vision
  • Overkill, Tactician, and Demolition

Field Upgrades

  • Every other field upgrade is restricted except Dead Silence

These are the most important highlights that you need to know. If you still want to go through the hassle of reading the complete Call of Duty Challengers Rule Book, go ahead.

For more information on CDL 2022 and some more gossip check out my previous week’s article on Kickoff Classic.

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