Call of Duty League 2022 - Kickoff Classic Recap

For some this LAN event was unnecessary, and for some it offered a glimpse into what we will expect from the upcoming Majors that will start on February 4th.

Kickoff event marked the beginning of CDL with a prize pool of $30,000. It was a showcase event with no effect on the Majors whatsoever. Except of course the potential performances of the participating teams although, it was a single elimination Bo5 event so most teams underperformed or failed to get into their rhythm.

Call of Duty League 2022 Kickoff Classic (that’s a bunch I know) is over and here’s a recap of what had happened over the last weekend:

CDL 2022: Highlights

Image credit: Activision/Taken from the official CDL Blog

And here’s the official CDL Youtube stream if you want to rewatch Kickoff Classic.,

CDL 2022: Schedule

The CDL will be played in three game modes throughout the season: Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control and there will be 4 Major events in classical fashion.

For the 2022 season, the Call of Duty League will feature 12 teams playing four regular season Majors on a hybrid LAN/online model.

Each Major will consist of four weeks of matches. The first three weeks will feature qualifying matches where each team plays five prescheduled online matches against randomly drawn teams.

Add on top of that two mid-season events according to CDL’s blog: “For the first time, the Call of Duty League will introduce a Pro-Am tournament as well as a Call of Duty: Warzone event featuring Call of Duty League pros, streamers, and other influencers.”

CDL 2022: Tensions already run high

Here’s some thrash talk going on behind the scenes for your pleasure: Gunless slams CDL for the “meaningless” Kickoff event that’s being used to “find bugs and problems” in the game

Then there’s Hector “HECZ” Rodriguez slamming the players who don’t want to play online. CDL is famous for its outspoken characters and rivalries. Must be an American thing huh?

Take care and I’ll see you soon in our upcoming CDL 2022 Ruleset article and odds and predictions for CDL 2022 Major 1.

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