BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA playoffs begin today

BTS Pro Series Season 12: Southeast Asia kicked off on September 21. With the end of the group stage, the teams that made it to the playoffs were announced. Let's see if Fnatic, the undefeated horse in the group stage, will be able to carry this performance in the playoffs.

Today we're going to take a brief look at BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA’s group stage and the matches that will be played in the playoffs.

Fnatic completed the group stage undefeated

The best performing team in the group stage was Fnatic. They won four of the eight matches they played, and drew in the other four. Frankly, I thought BOOM Esports would come first, but they came in third with a single loss.

In addition, it did not go unnoticed that Neon Esports said goodbye to the tournament without even getting a single win.

Although Execration and Hokori performed at the same level, Execration's win over Hokori sent them to the quarterfinals and their opponents to Round 1.

Credit: BTS Dota

In general, we watched a pretty competitive group stage. Let's see if this continues in the playoff stage as well.

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Place Team W/D/L
1st Fnatic 4-4-0
2nd Team SMG 4-3-1
3rd BOOM Esports 3-4-1
4th Execration 3-2-3
5th Hokori 3-2-3
6th Army Geniuses 2-3-3
7th Lilgun 2-3-3
8th TNC Predator 2-2-4
9th Neon Esports 0-3-5


Playoff stage will begin with Round 1

Teams finishing the group stage in the top four places start the playoffs from the quarterfinals. The other four teams will strive to advance from Round 1 to the grand final.

Round 1

TNC Predator is the worst performing team in the group stage of the teams that made it to the playoff stage. Hokori was almost starting from the quarterfinals. I think Hokori will continue on their way with a win against TNC Predator.

Both Army Geniuses and Lilgun performed quite closely during the group stage. The match between the two teams ended in a draw. In my opinion, Army Geniuses would win Round 1 2-1. Still, it's sure to be a great competitive match.


Fnatic was the best performing team of the group stage. While there are teams in Southeast Asia that could put an end to their streak, I don't think Execration is one of them. In my opinion, Fnatic will advance to the semifinals without difficulty.

I can say that BOOM Esports, along with Fnatic, is one of the two teams closest to the title. My guess is they will beat Team SMG and in the semifinals, they will face Fnatic.

The rivalry between Southeast Asia teams will rise with the playoff stage. You can watch and follow this competition on Luckbox and get involved in the excitement.