BTS Pro Series Season 10: SEA last and upcoming matches overview

The first four days of the tournament have been completed successfully with 12 matches being played. Standing started to take shape and increased the guesses for the champion team.

Let’s take a look at what happened in BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia in the past few days, and what will happen next.

Four days review

Here are the results from first days of the BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia:

February 14
MG.Trust 1-1 YG
Lilgun 1-1 YG
Lilgun 2-0 Xctn
February 15
T1 1-1 XctN
MG.Trust 0-2 Lilgun
Polaris 2-0 YG
February 16
MG.Trust 1-1 Orca
SMG 1-1 Polaris
XctN 0-2 YG
February 17
T1 0-2 Lilgun
SMG 0-2 Orca
XctN 0-2 Polaris



One of the interesting matches of this week was between Motivate.Trust Gaming vs. Yangon Galacticos on February 14. It was expected as a clear win for MG. Trust but Yangon Galacticos were able to draw in the second round.

On the same day, Yangon Galacticos surprised everybody twice by not giving up against Lilgun and winning the second round, once again.

There was another competition between Lilgun vs. Execration. Even though these two strong teams were looking for equal matches, Execration was a bit closer to win. But after an amazing performance from Lilgun, they succeeded to win two matches in a row in a match that they were not favorites of.

It is right to say that T1 is the closest team for winning around all of these teams, thanks to their roster and experiences that come from long years. But not being able to win against Execration was a surprise. Hypes for T1 were still high and this was reviewed as an unlucky situation but the match on February 17 against Lilgun made people think again. T1 lost with a 2-0 score against Lilgun. Everybody is waiting for the next matches of T1.

Here is the standings for BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia

1- Lilgun 3-1-0
2- Polaris Esports 2-1-0
3- Yangon Galacticos 1-2-1
4- Team Orca 1-1-0
5- Motivate. Trust Gaming 0-2-1
6- Execration 0-1-3
6- T1 0-1-1
6- Team SMG 0-1-1
  Neon Esports 0-0-0


It looks like Lilgun will keep its position for next days too since they did not lose a single match, even though sometimes no chance was given to them for winning.

Favorite teams of BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia T1 and Team SMG have not performed well for a few days. SMG missed a win against Polaris and then lost against Orca on February 17. Future will tell us if they will come back or not in the next matches.

February 22 schedule and betting odds

Some exciting competitions are waiting for us on the fifth day of BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia:

T1 (1.52) vs Polaris (2.35): 10:00 UTC

Neon Esports vs Team SMG

Lilgun vs Team Orca

Undoubtedly the most exciting match of this week will be between T1 and Polaris. Like we mentioned earlier, T1 does not have any win in the tournament and they will do everything for a win against Polaris. With the 1.52 betting odds, T1 is the favorite of this match.

The first match for Neon Esports in BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia will be against Team SMG, another team that is eager for a win since they have one draw and 1 loss from two matches. Team SMG’s roster seems more powerful than Neon Esports so a first win for them in the tournament may come with this match.

Lilgun stays on top at BTS Pro Series Season 10: Southeast Asia by having no loss and 3 wins out of 4 matches. Another point is they found the win also on some hard matches so they may be a bit closer to win against Team Orca. Let’s also mention that Team Orca do not have any loss from its two matches and their roster may be a bit stronger than Lilgun.

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