BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas last and upcoming matches overview

Initial days of the BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas has completed and now all teams will have a five day break to analyse and get prepared for the next stage of competition. Did we see any underdogs that beat a strong team?

Let’s take a quick look at the first matches of BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas and upcoming ones.

Quincy Crew is out

According to a tweet from BTS Dota, Quincy Crew withdrew from the competition. Hokori is going to take their place in the further matches.

Here is the tweet from Quincy Crew about this situation:

First matches

This is how 9 matches have resulted in the first days of BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas:

February 15
INF.U 1-1 Dog
Lava 2-0 Cut
February 16
WG 1-1 Lava
INF.U 2-0 Cut
February 17
WG 2-0 Dog
INF.U 0-2 Lava
Cut 0-2 APUKoK


The most interesting competition was between Infamous vs Team DogChamp. Like we said in our last article about this tournament, Infamous was the favourite with 1.26 betting odd. They lost the second round to Team DogChamp and the match resulted in a draw.

Infamous took a lesson from it and did not miss any win on February 16 and won two matches on the same day against APU King of Kings and The Cut. On February 17, Unbeaten Lava played well and beat Infamous with a 2-0 score.

Thanks to their roster, Wildcard Gaming was accepted as one of the strongest teams of BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas. They did perform well in their first match and beat The Cut with a 2-0 score. In the following match, a draw happened against APU King of Kings. They matched with Lava on February 16 and nobody was able to win. Since they do not have any loss, it is right to say that they will continue to prove their mettle.

Coming from Phase 1 and qualified for Phase 2, APU King of Kings is decent as we. They got a draw against their strongest rival Lava on February 14 and did the same against Wildcard Gaming on February 15. Even though they lost to Infamous, they got their first win against The Cut.

Next matches

Here is the competition that we will see on BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas:

February 23

4 Zoomers (1.58) vs APU King of Kings (2.25) 00:00 CET

Thunder Awaken (1.15) vs The Cut (4.80) 02:00 CET

4 Zoomers are going to play their first match in the tournament and their rival is APU King of Kings. We can say that their performance goes well but it may end with a win from 4 Zoomers. We have seen 4 Zoomers’ win on DPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division I and they succeed to move to the Regional Finals. They have lost their two matches and their eagerness will bring a win to 4 Zoomers against APU King of Kings.

Finally, Thunder Awaken is going to start its rise in BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas, hopefully with a win against The Cut. Betting odds says that they are the favourites in this match and their performance at DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division I was the reason.

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