Brazil’s Los Grandes and Team oNe merge

Two big esports organizations in Brazil merged: Los Grandes bought Team oNe for an undisclosed amount. Los Grandes also bought Simplicity earlier this year to enter CBLOL, and buying Team oNe is the newest big step the company has taken to establish itself as a strong name in esports.

With their incredible fan base and huge investments behind them, Los Grandes is now on the way to becoming the next big thing after LOUD and FURIA Esports. Let’s take a look at the details of the merger and what could be next for Los Grandes in the future.

Team oNe’s acquisition

Team oNe is one of the oldest esports clubs in Brazil, founded in 2004. They fielded rosters in CS:GO, League of Legends and many other disciplines over the years. While their most notable results in CS:GO were local tournaments besides a few S-Tier ones, their LoL success in 2017 is still remembered as the last time Brazil made something incredible happen.

Any esports fan from Brazil or who follows Brazil a lot must have heard their name. Although they weren’t as successful as LOUD and FURIA Esports, Team oNe managed to make their name heard at times. This merger with Los Grandes might take both organizations one step further with an even bigger fan base.

According to Los Grandes, the purchase now values the organization at £16.84 million. All Team oNe assets will be owned by Los Grandes, including the CEO Alexandre Peres who will join Los Grandes’ board. In the announcement, Los Grandes pointed out that Outfield who invested in both organizations gave the idea of a merger, and will keep on investing in this fresher Los Grandes.

Los Grandes will keep the CS:GO roster in Brazil, fighting for a spot at the Rio Major. For now, no teams will change names, and they will keep being Los Grandes and Team oNe. However, more decisions will be taken considering the brandings in the future. This new Los Grandes will compete in Free Fire, Rainbow Six Siege, Wild Rift, CS:GO, League of Legends and VALORANT.

With this merger, the new Los Grandes will definitely enter more esports disciplines in the future. Make sure to visit Luckbox to keep track of the latest news and find live streams of their games. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

Los Grandes

Los Grandes merging with Team oNe looks big, but it is totally normal if you don’t have an idea of who Los Grandes is. They have entered esports recently, and although they already have a big impact in Brazil, they couldn’t make a big name globally as of now. For starters, they have 15 million followers on different social media platforms in total.

They started as a guild in Free Fire and quickly became the new investment opportunity in Brazilian esports. There is a huge market in Brazil for the esports organizations with the right vision, and Los Grandes followed LOUD to find a place for themselves.

After fielding rosters in several different games, they have finally arrived in League of Legends this year, buying out Flamengo Esports’ managing organization, Simplicity. Next year, Flamengo will leave CBLOL completely, leaving its place to Los Grandes. A football team is leaving CBLOL while an esports organization takes its place, and Brazilian fans are happy about it. You can consider Los Grandes’ impact now.