BOOM to top of the world

BOOM has shot up to the moon and is currently on top of the world.. metaphorically of course.. in the first tour of DPC SEA Division I.

Being close yet so far in the preceding seasons, despite posing the talent, the uprising SEA team was unable to qualify to Division I. Always being on the cusp of glory but to see the same glory elude them was heart wrenching.

After a few disappointing years, BOOM went into yolo mode and rejigged their roster from an all Singaporean lineup to an all Filipino lineup, except Fbz, who was the only player to be retained from the previous roster.

Investment paying off

Overhauling the roster was indeed an upgrade and BOOM’s aggressive recruitment has paid off dividends as they have secured not only the first rank in DPC SEA Division I but also comfortably earned top DPC points and qualified to the Major – provided the event takes place.

Skem and Yopaj were the shining stars in 2021 as they played an instrumental role in catapulting Neon Esports to fame with their sudden rise, while Tims’ wonderful plays on the roaming support position with TNC Predator has always been the talk of the town.

Did we miss out on Skem having a brief stint at Complexity Gaming as well?

Talk about experience coming in handy with many accolades to back them up. Tino previously played for Omega esports where the team as a whole managed to grab many eyeballs with their intricate plays, and Fbz being fbz, the stable offlaner always creating space for BOOM.

That’s not all though.

Recruiting of a legend

BOOM’s seriousness was backed up by their recruitment of the former SEA legend and Malaysian superstar, Mushi, as their coach. Mushi’s vast expertise is no stranger to anyone that has been following Dota for a long time.

Not only has he been pivotal in spearheading various iterations of his teams over the years albeit successfully at the international level, but has also been part of the legendary Team DK – once considered as the best team in China.

Mushi’s knowledge and experience at different roles is not only an asset but also a boon, and the BOOM’ers are certainly being showered with the blessings. His coaching style is yielding results as is evident in official matches.

BOOM undefeated

BOOM has remained largely undefeated, with their only loss coming against T1, the original torch bearers of SEA, and have more or less cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. But will they be able to carry on the momentum going ahead?

After all, it’s not just about one season and at the moment, the team is constrained to one region. They’ll be put to test on the path less traversed – at international competitions wherein their fellow comrades, T1, have the upper edge.

Being the torch bearer of SEA, a region with abundance and passionate Dota 2 talent isn’t an easy task but it’ll be worth the time.

But only time will tell. Until then, keep booming BOOM’ers.

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