BOOM Esports wins DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I

All Dota Pro Circuit Tour 3 regional leagues have ended. One of them was DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I. The winner of the region was BOOM Esports.

Today we will take a look at what happened in Week 6 and the tiebreaker, and how BOOM Esports became champions.

How was the last week of DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I?

  • Team SMG 2 - 1 Nigma Galaxy SEA
  • RSG 1 - 2 Talon Esports
  • Fnatic 2 - 0 T1

Not wanting to relegate to Division II, Nigma Galaxy SEA took a 0-1 lead against Team SMG. If they had won the match they would have played a tiebreaker with Team SMG but Team SMG made a comeback and won 2-1. Thus, Nigma Galaxy SEA fell into Division II.

RSG lost 1-2 against Talon Esports. Had RSG won the match, Fnatic would have played a tiebreaker for the Arlington Major. With Talon Esports winning, they qualified to play a tiebreaker for first place with BOOM Esports.

Fnatic's comfortable win over T1 made them get their ticket to the Arlington Major.

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Spectacular comeback in the first place tiebreaker

At the conclusion of week six, BOOM Esports and Talon Esports faced off in a 1st-2nd place tiebreaker match on July 16 at 12:05 CEST. The first game between the two teams was very competitive. Talon Esports was the winner of the 64-minute game. However, BOOM Esports was determined not to lose and won two games in a row. Thus, they became the champions of Dota Pro Circuit Southeast Asia Tour 3 Division I.

Prize pool

Place Team USD Seed DPC Points
1st BOOM Esports $30,000 Arlington Major/Division I 500
2nd Talon Esports $28,000 Arlington Major/Division I 300
3rd Fnatic $27,000 Arlington Major/Division I 200
4th RSG $26,000 Division I 100
5th T1 $25,000 Division I 50
6th Team SMG $24,000 Division I -
7th Nigma Galaxy SEA $23,000 Division II -
8th Polaris Esports $22,000 Division II -


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