CSGO betting: Astralis expected to rule Blast Pro Series Miami

Blast Pro Series is back, and this time we’re in Miami, a city Will Smith once immortalised in rap, and that means it’s time to see if anyone can beat Astralis. You’d think there would be a chance after the festivities in China ended on Sunday, but for some reason the Danes decided not to travel to or prepare for that particular tournament, staying away and ensuring they arrived in the USA RFRSH’d and ready to compete. (Sorry, that should say refreshed, but we’re sure you understand the mistake…).

Coming into the event, the Danes are, of course, favourites and the gap between them and pack can be seen in the odds for their first-round game vs Na’Vi. The CIS mix won StarSeries & i-League Season 7 in Shanghai with s1mple and electronic in god mode, yet Astralis are 1.35 with Luckbox, with Na’Vi out at 3.5 prior to click-off. When you consider that Natus Vincere have the greatest player in CSGO history on their books, it should be pretty clear that Astralis are not just better, but miles ahead of the pack.

Dominating the betting

Even the matchup with Team Liquid, who are world number two and beat Astralis at the iBUYPOWER Masters farce that opened 2019, are 3.3 to Astralis’s 1.4, although that could of course change with pre-match results if shocks occur. The nature of the Blast Series and the fact all games prior to the final are best of one is a good reason to potentially expect shocks here more than elsewhere, but Astralis are reigning champions for a reason, and look like the best team regardless of BO1, BO3 or BO5.

If you want to have a bet on CSGO this weekend, then Blast is your best chance, and as you can see from the odds on our match page Astralis are a strong favourite. Backing underdogs can often seem like a decent idea in those circumstances, and Cloud 9 have done well at preview Blasts, but the NA mix have come in with a sub in the shape of vice, and CajunB is with the team for his first event as a C9 player, so the NA mix might not be your best bet.

More misery for MIBR?

Sadly for the speculative punter, FaZe and MIBR aren’t in much better shape. You might use the logic that the odds of 4.25 for MIBR vs Astralis’ 1.25 are so generous you’d be mad not to pick the Brazilians for a little punt at least, but anyone who saw them in China would say you’d be mad to back FalleN et all for anything right now. Add to that the fact their flight out of Shanghai was cancelled and their journey delayed, and you can see why MIBR aren’t looking that great pre-tournament.

The main competition should come from Team Liquid, as we’ve said, and it will only be BO1 randomness that gives FaZe or MIBR a chance in that tie. Cloud 9 will be comfy at least with it being a domestic matchup, but prior to the first gun being fired in anger there is only one favourite for Blast Pro Series Miami this weekend, and that favourite is Astralis, for very good reason.

Blast Pro Series Miami schedule

Blast Pro Series Miami will be played on April 12th and 13th. Full schedule, betting odds and live streams at Luckbox.com.

Round 1 matches
Na'Vi vs MIBR
C9 vs Astralis
FaZe vs Liquid

Round 2 matches
Liquid vs C9
FaZe vs MIBR
Na'Vi vs Astralis

Round 3 matches
FaZe vs C9
MIBR vs Astralis
Na'Vi vs Liquid

Round 4 Matches
Liquid vs Astralis
C9 vs MIBR
FaZe vs Na'Vi

Round 5 Matches
MIBR vs Liquid
C9 vs Na'Vi
Astralis vs FaZe

Blast Pro Series Miami Grand Final
Saturday, April 13th, 11pm CEST