BLAST Premier World Final 2022: Team Vitality vs G2 betting odds

We're off to the playoffs! Eight teams have now been cut down to six, with two more now facing elimination as we head into the quarter finals.

Yesterday (December 15) we saw both Russian team Outsiders and BLAST Fall Finals champions Heroic catch an early flight home, after being knocked out of the competition by G2 and Natus Vincere (NAVI), respectively.

And so with the group stage out of the way, we're now onto the quarter finals - with Team Vitality set to face off against G2 at 15:00 GMT today.

Now we're in the playoffs, the matches will be held in a single-elimination bracket, meaning that whoever loses today will be joining Outsiders and Heroic on their flight home - While the four remaining teams heading into the semi finals on December 17.

Two teams are safe from elimination today, however. Having won both of their matches in the group stage, FaZe Clan and OG won't be participating in the quarter finals, having secured their spot at tomorrow's semi finals.

It's been a dramatic tournament already, but things are only going to get more exciting as we advance through the playoffs - and towards the grand final. With either Team Vitality or G2 due to be eliminated later today, you'll not want to miss their showdown. Luckily, you can watch the action right here on Luckbox - just remember to sign up for your free account, and we'll see you at 15:00 GMT!

BLAST Premier World Final: Team Vitality vs G2 Esports predictions

Team Vitality (1.92) vs G2 Esports (1.78)

Team Vitality are heading into the quarterfinals having lost yesterday's match to OG in a crushing 2-0 loss. It was particularly disappointing because Vitality were heavily favoured to win that match, with many having regarded OG as one of the weaker teams heading into this tournament. Still, Team Vitality are no stranger to underdog victories - having pulled off one of their own against NAVI in their opening match.

G2 Esports meanwhile are coming in fresh from having just defeated Outsiders in yesterday's Elimination Match, thereby securing their place at the World Final - for now, anyway. While it wasn't quite as big an upset as OG's win against Team Vitality, G2 was also the underdog team heading into that match, showing just how unpredictable this tournament has been so far.

The two teams are pretty evenly matched here, with the odds ever so slightly in G2's favour, at 1.78 against Team Vitality's 1.92. However, given that we've seen both teams pull off victories against far greater odds, this one could really go either way.

Which means you'll absolutely want to tune in here on Luckbox to see which four teams will be heading into tomorrow's semi finals. There's just a few days left of the tournament, and you'll not want to miss a single match - just make sure you've claimed your free 100% bonus to stay close to the action!