BLAST Premier World Final 2022: OG vs Team Liquid betting odds

Just four teams remain as we head into the BLAST Premier World Final, as we're left counting down the hours until tomorrow's grand final.

Yesterday both Team Vitality and Natus Vincere (NAVI) were sent home following their defeat in the quarter finals, after losing to G2 and Team Liquid, respectively.

That means the original eight teams heading into the tournament have now been cut in half - and just two will survive and make it to tomorrow's grand final, where they'll stand the chance of claiming the lion's share of the $1,000,000 prize pool.

It's been a dramatic World Final so far, with some of the most promising teams having been eliminated from the tournament, while those many considered to be underdogs now competing in the semi finals.

Which leads us to our first match of the day, the semi final face-off between OG and Team Liquid, which will kick off at 11:30 AM GMT today.

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BLAST Premier World Final: OG vs Team Liquid predictions

OG (2.40) vs Team Liquid (1.50)

OG has stunned their fans and silenced their critics this week, having repeatedly defied the odds throughout the World Final. They secured their spot at the semi finals through back-to-back victories in the group stage, beating both Heroic and Team Vitality. Prior to this week, OG's participation in the World Final was criticised by some as exposing "major flaws" in BLAST's Leaderboard (via HLTV). While you could still perhaps argue that other teams deserved the chance to compete, OG so far has more than made up for a disappointing year through a stunning World Final debut.

Team Liquid meanwhile have also performed well. Despite losing to FaZe Clan in the Group A Winner's Match on December 15, they're responsible for eliminating NAVI from this year's tournament through yesterday's 2-1 victory. Similar to OG, they've been the underdog in each match they've played until now - And come off victorious in all but one of them. Also similar to OG, Team Liquid has had no tournament wins this year - and seems intent on changing that at the World Final.

The odds are in Team Liquid's favour here, at 1.50 vs OG's 2.40. However, OG has consistently been seen as the underdog, and yet has faced off arguably stronger teams to earn their place at the semi final. Win or lose today, their performance has been fascinating to witness.

We're rapidly approaching the World Final, and the last CS:GO event of the year is about to wrap up. This match will decide if either OG or Team Liquid will make it to tomorrow's grand final, so you'll surely not want to miss this one. Claim your free 100% bonus before things kick off at 11:30 AM GMT today, and we'll see you there!