BLAST Premier Spring Groups: Group C grand final betting odds

This year's BLAST Premier Spring Groups is rapidly approaching its finale, with just hours to go before the Group C grand final takes place on January 26 at 5:30 PM GMT.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups: G2 vs NAVI betting odds

The group stage of this year's Spring Groups is almost over, with the remaining teams competing for their share of the $177,498 prize pool - with the winner from each group receiving $27,500 alongside 2,400 BLAST Premier points. The top six teams at the end of this year's tournament will receive an invitation to the Spring Final, while the remaining teams will advance on to the Play-In stage, taking place from January 27-29.

Group C has the honour of closing out the group stage, with the Group C grand final seeing G2 going up against Natus Vincere (NAVI) at 5:30 PM GMT on January 26.

G2 have been absolutely dominating Group C this week, boasting not only an uncontested winning streak, but has yet to concede even a single map so far this tournament. They kicked things off on January 20 with a 2-0 win over BIG, securing victory in their first match of the year with a score of 16-14 on Mirage, before breezing to victory by taking Inferno with a score of 16-9. That success was shortly followed by another 2-0 win against none other than NAVI - who were sent down to the lower bracket final following their defeat on January 23. It's a promising start to the year, with G2 clearly maintaining the momentum that carried them to success at last year's BLAST Premier World Final.

NAVI meanwhile will be out for revenge following their January 23 loss to G2. It was an unfortunate setback for the Ukrainian team, who started the 2023 season with a 2-1 win over Ninjas in Pyjamas on January 21. G2 might have sent them down to the lower bracket finals, but they earned their spot at this year's Group C grand final through yet another 2-1 win against Ninjas in Pyjamas on January 25. 2022 was a relatively disappointing year for NAVI - at least when compared to their spectacular 2021 performance. They'll doubtlessly be keen to turn things around in 2023, but they'll need to overcome G2 to emerge victorious in the first CS:GO tournament of the year.

The odds are slightly in G2's favour here, at 1.67 vs NAVI's 2.22.

Which team are you supporting? The first CS:GO tournament of the year is rapidly approaching its finale, with just hours to go before we're out of the group stage. You'll not want to miss a moment of this, so make sure you've claimed your free 100% bonus and get ready to jump into the action!