BLAST Premier Spring Groups: Group B grand final betting odds

This year's BLAST Premier Spring Groups are reaching their endgame - With the Group B grand final just coming up on the horizon, taking place on January 26.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups: FaZe Clan vs OG betting odds

The winner of the Group B grand final (alongside the winners from Group A and C) will receive $27,500 from the $177,498 prize pool, alongside 2,400 BLAST Premier points. On top of that, the top six teams at the end of the tournament will receive an invitation to the BLAST Premier Spring Final, taking place from June 7-11. Meanwhile, the remaining teams will move on to compete in the Play-In stage, taking place from January 27-29.

Before that though, there's the Group B grand final to look forward to - Where we'll see FaZe Clan going up against OG at 2:00 PM GMT on January 26.

FaZe Clan (1.50) vs OG (2.40)

FaZe Clan have started the 2023 season on top form, having won every match they've competed in so far. Their debut match was seemingly an easy one for the team, as they claimed a 2-0 victory over Complexity Gaming on January 20. And while not quite as decisive, FaZe Clan nonetheless emerged victorious once again over OG, claiming a 2-1 win on January 22. It's a promising start to the year, proving that FaZe Clan are capable of maintaining the momentum that saw them listed as the top team on the 2022 BLAST Premier World Leaderboard - placing them in a strong position to claim victory in the January 26 grand final.

OG meanwhile will need to pull out all the stops if they're hoping to take revenge on FaZe Clan here. They've already tasted defeat at the hands of FaZe Clan so far this tournament, after they knocked OG into the lower bracket final on January 22. Still, OG were able to stay in the running through a 2-1 upset win against Team Liquid. OG has had series of upset wins so far this tournament, repeatedly facing off arguably stronger teams and managing to claim victory anyway. They didn't manage to emerge victorious over FaZe Clan in their last match, but they're not ones to be overlooked in their January 26 rematch.

Still, the odds are in FaZe Clan's favour here - At 1.50 vs OG's 2.40.

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