BLAST Premier Spring Groups: Group A grand final betting odds

The end is within sight! The first CS:GO tournament of the year is ramping up to its thrilling conclusion, as we get ready for the Group A grand final on January 25.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups: Team Vitality vs Heroic betting odds

The winner of the Group A grand final will receive $27,500 out of the $177,498 prize pool, alongside 2,400 BLAST points. Additionally, the top six teams at the end of this week's tournament will receive an invitation to the BLAST Premier Spring Final, taking place from June 7-11. The remaining teams meanwhile will move on to the Play-In stage, taking place from January 27-29.

We're just hours away from knowing who will be crowned the champions of Group A, as Team Vitality are due to go up against Heroic at 5:30 PM GMT on January 25.

Team Vitality (1.85) vs Heroic (1.85)

And it's due to be a real nail-biter of a final, with two of the strongest teams on the CS:GO scene about to go head-to-head. Team Vitality have earned their spot at the Group A grand final through a fantastic run through the tournament - They have not only won every game they've played so far, but they've also failed to concede even a single map. Their winning streak kicked off on January 19, when the team secured a 2-0 victory over Astralis - with the newly-returned Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz failing to help turn the tide for his team. Team Vitality went on to repeat that performance against Evil Geniuses, sending them down to the lower bracket final through a 2-0 victory. Team Vitality ranked in 1st-3rd place at last year's Spring Groups, and they're looking well-placed to repeat that success this year.

They'll have to beat Heroic to pull that off though, and the Fall Finals Champions aren't going to take a finals defeat lying down. The team started off the tournament on a much less promising note - earning a ticket to the lower bracket semifinals through a shock 2-1 upset loss to Evil Geniuses. Still, they've been making up for that troubled start ever since - having knocked Astralis into the Play-In stage through a 2-1 victory on January 21, before taking revenge in another 2-1 win against Evil Geniuses on January 24. Despite a difficult start, Heroic have move than earned their spot in today's grand final - and should prove a worthy rival for Team Vitality.

As such, the odds here are neck and neck, at 1.85 for both teams.

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